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Mission of the journal Sociological Science and Social Practice

(Sotsiologicheskaya nauka i sotsialnaya praktika)


The journal Sociological Science and Social Practice is aimed at wide pre-professional and established professional sociological circles whose task is to skilfully combine and complement sociological science and social practices. In their scope, content and style of presentation, the journal articles are essentially conceptual in nature and raise both timely topics that have already received sufficient coverage in the literature and issues that are rarely discussed and never addressed in scientific periodicals. Absolute priority is given to materials written in the genre of sociological realism that imply a multidimensional analysis of Russian everyday life.

The new magazine's editorial policy is the subject of peer review by authoritative experts who have joined the International Advisory Board and editorial board of the journal, which is published on a quarterly basis.

Editorial ethics

The editors of Sociological Science and Social Practice abide by generally accepted ethical principles of publication of scientific papers and COPE ethical principles, take a responsible approach to the matter of maintaining a scientific reputation and make every effort to ensure the quality of scientific publications, while employing a careful attitude toward the author's position and copyright, regardless of the author's status.

The journal's editorial board adheres to the principles of complete transparency: all information about the requirements established for scientific publications, the review process and editorial board is publicly available on the journal's website. An archive of previous issues of the journal is also available on the website.

Sociological Science and Social Practice publishes original scientific papers that have never been published elsewhere and do not contain any incorrect borrowings. The editors reserve the right to refuse to publish an article in case of violation of the rules listed below.



Authors offering their works for publication in Sociological Science and Social Practice guarantee that the articles are original (not previously appearing in other publications in their current or similar form in terms of content), that they are not under consideration by editorial staffs of other publications, and that all potential conflicts of interest related to copyright and publication of the articles under consideration have been settled. The authors confirm that their publication does not violate any existing copyright.

The authors of the article must provide reliable research results. Knowingly false or fraudulent statements are unacceptable.

Authors should ensure that the results of the study outlined in the submitted manuscript are completely original. Borrowed fragments or statements must be documented with mandatory indication of the author and source. Excessive borrowings or plagiarism in any form, including quotations not cited as such, paraphrasing or appropriation of rights to the results of other people's research, are unethical and unacceptable.

Authors should recognize the contribution of all persons who influenced the course of the study in one way or another; in particular, the article must contain references to works that played an important role in the study.

Co-authors of the article should include all persons who have made a significant contribution to the study. It is unacceptable to name as co-authors persons who did not participate in the study.

If the author finds significant errors or inaccuracies in the article at the stage of its consideration or after publication, he or she must notify the editorial board as soon as possible.

If the work contains empirical data obtained in the course of a study of particular individuals, organizations or communities, the author shall be responsible for ensuring that the submitted publication does not contain any information that could harm the interests of the people who provided the necessary information in the form of documents or interviews.


Source of financing

If the article was prepared as part of research funded by particular organizations, the authors shall provide the relevant reference and indicate the source of financing.



All articles submitted to the editorial office undergo an anonymous internal and external review.

The reviewer performs a scientific inquiry into copyright material, so his or her actions must be impartial in nature, including adherence to the following principles.


  • The manuscript received for review should be treated as a confidential document which cannot be transmitted for review or discussion to third parties that do not have the relevant authority granted by the editorial office.
  • The reviewer is obligated to give an objective and reasoned assessment of the study results using the following criteria: originality, scientific relevance, relevance of the selected research methods, interpretation of the research results, bibliography. Personal criticism of the author is not acceptable.
  • Unpublished data obtained from manuscripts submitted for consideration should not be used for personal purposes by the reviewer.
  • A reviewer who is not, in his or her opinion, sufficiently qualified to assess a manuscript, or who cannot be objective, for example, in case of a conflict of interest with the author or organization, should inform the editor and request to be excused from the process of reviewing this manuscript.


If the author disagrees with the results of the review, the work may be redirected for a secondary anonymous review.



In accordance with the editorial policy of Sociological Science and Social Practice, the following is unacceptable:


  • Verbatim copying of another author without reference to his or her authorship, source or use of quotation marks.
  • Incorrect paraphrasing of the work of another author in which more than one sentence in one paragraph or section of text was changed, or sentences were placed in a different order without proper reference to the source.
  • Using the elements of a work of another author without attribution, such as a figure, table or paragraph without acknowledgment, reference to the source or use of quotation marks. The authors must obtain permission from the copyright holder to use elements of that person's work.
  • Self-plagiarism. Authors should state that their work is being published for the first time. If elements of the manuscript have been previously published in another article, the authors must refer to the earlier work, indicate the significant difference between the new work and the previous one and, at the same time, reveal the relationship with the findings and conclusions presented in the previous paper.



Decision on work publication

Decisions on article publication are made at an editorial board meeting and are based on the results of the internal and external anonymous review. The editorial staff reserves the right not to publish works irrelevant to the topic of the journal and not subjected to review.



The editor-in-chief, members of the International Advisory Board and members of the editorial office shall not disclose information about a submitted manuscript.


Subscription to the journal Sociological Science and Social Practice is carried out in all post offices through two main catalogs:

 Catalog of Rospechat Agency Subscription index: 70936

The journal is published 4 times a year.

 The minimum subscription term is 3 months.


International Advisory Board

Mikhail GORSHKOV, Academician, Director, FCTAS RAS

Innocentiy AKTAMOV, Cand. Sci. (Ped.)., Associate Professor, Director of the Oriental Institute of the Buryat State University

Boris DOKTOROV, Dr. Sci. (Philos.), Professor, an independent analyst and consultant (USA)

Tom DWYER, Professor, University of Campinas, a Board member of the International Association of a sociological (Brazil)

Alexander GOFMAN, Dr. Sci., (Sociol.), Professor of Department of General Sociology of the National Research University Higher School of Economics

Ruslan GRINBERG, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, Scientific Director of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

David KONSTANTINOVSKY, Dr. Sci., (Sociol.), Professor, Main Researcher, Head of the Department of Sociology of Education, Institute of Sociology of the FCTAS RAS

Sergey KRAVCHENKO (Deputy Editor), Dr. Sci., (Philos.), Professor, Head of the Chair of Sociology MGIMO-University of the Russian Foreign Ministry

John MORGAN, Ph.D., Professor, Chairman of the National Commission for UNESCO, the United Kingdom, Head of the Political Economy of Education University of Nottingham (UK)

Vladimir MUKOMEL, Dr. Sci., (Sociol.), Professor, Main Researcher, Head of the Migration Studies Sector, Institute of Sociology of the FCTAS RAS

Natalia NIKS, Cand. Sci. (Hist.), executive secretary of the journal, Institute of Sociology of the FCTAS RAS

Li PAILIN, Vice President, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Taiwan, Province of China

Natalia TIKHONOVA, Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Professor, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia)

Franz SHEREGI, Can. Sci. (Philos.), Director of the Center for Social Forecasting (Russia)

Mikhail STRIKHANOV, Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Academician of RAE, Rector, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

Julia ZUBOK, Dr. Sci. (Soc.), Head of the Sociology of Youth, Institute of Social and Political Studies of RAS (Russia)

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