List of publications


1. Semikolennykh M.V. Otto of Freising on Philosophy and Philosophers (Preface to the Translation). VERBUM (The Miscellany of the Saint-Petersburg Center for Medieval Culture Studies), 2010,Vol. 12, pp. 181-188.

2. Semenov E., Chechenkina T. Strany BRIC v globalnoy tsirculyatscii nuchnukh kadrov [BRIC countries in a global circulation of a scientific personnel]. Science. Innovations. Education, 2010, No.9, pp. 24-44. (in Russian)

3.  Cherednichenko G. New Developments in the Education and Professional Activity of Young People // Russian Education and Society. 2010. Vol. 52. Issue 7. P. 3-15. URL:

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