Power 2016, No 5


Arrangement of Russia: Challenges and Risks

A. Starostin, A. Ponedelkov, L. Shvets. Civil Society in Russia in context of the Transfer of Innovations

P. Merkulov, V. Filonov, O. Malakhova. The Role of  Public Service in Process of Realization of Sustainable Development

R. Trofimova, P. Seleznev. Algorithms of the Cultural Policy of the Russian Civilization

O. Bergen, L. Mrochko. Structural and Functional Analysis of the Concept of Innovation Development of a Region


Political Processes and Practices

V. Balkovaya, A.  Skorik. Import Substitution in an Innovation Trajectory of Small Business Enterprises

M. Gadlevskaya. The Formation of Socio-Economic Development Development Strategy for Small and Medium Townes in Russia

E. Isaeva. The Non-Profit Sector in a Region as a Characteristic of the Level of Civic Engagement

A. Satsuta. The Law Enforcement Agencies as Institutions of State Power



A. Chernyshov. Election as a Special Operation

Yu. Bocharov. Rating is Falling, but Image is Improving


Educations and Society

O. Zinevich, V. Degtyareva, T. Degtyareva. Inclusive Education in the Russian Higher School: Modern Challenges

N. Golovko, E. Ruzankina. Entrepreneurial University: Academic Capitalism and Multyusers’ Management

N. Mikhalchenkova. Chinese Universities in the Situation of State Policy Transformation: Responces to the Challenges of Globalization


Health of Nation

E. Zhilinsky. Population decrease and health care reforms

S. Vangorodskaya. Death from Old Age: a Result of the Demographic Policy or a Tool of Imitational Performance of Authorities?


Ideas and Meanings

I. Savchenko, N. Ageeva. “Homo Economicus”, “Market-Oriented Man” and Fluctuations of Bourgeois Morals

I. Polozhentseva, T. Kashchenko. Socio-cultural  Morphology of Political Modernization as a Lesson of Gorbachev’s  “Perestroika” 

A. Pal'tsev. Ethnos and Nation as Categories of National Security of Russia

G. Peshcherov. The Role of the Intellectuals in the Development of Moral Values of the Society



A. Solodilov. National Security and Problems of Migration in Modern Russia

O. Smirnova, D. Zubov. Positive Competition as the Key Factor of Russia’s Policy in the South Asian Atomic Energy Facilities Market

A. Posokhova. Psychological Features of Uncompetitive Entrepreneurs

B. Kabylinskii, A.  Samusevich. On the Issue of International Recognition of the Innovative Achievements of Customs Administrations for Development and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Technology

D. Badaraev. Nomadizm in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China in the Conditions of Industrial Pressure of Pasturable Territories


Religion, Society, State

M. Bogachev. Dynamics of Political Preferences of Orthodox Believers in Russia



Ch. Tsyrenov. Modern Buddhism in the PRC: Social and Political Aspect

V. Rodionov. Mongolia in the Late 1980s: the Beginning of Post-Socialist Transformation

A. Gombozhapov. Frontier Policy of the Qing Empire: Peculiarities of the Model of Nomadic and Settled Statesmanship


Domestic Experience

S. Bagdasaryan. Antisocial Survival Strategies in Period of Hunger in 1921-1922

M. Gaditskaya. Disease and Injury as Components of Working Life of the South-Russian Farmers in the 1930s


Focus on Politics

V. Bel’skii, V. Oleinik. “Smart Power” as a Strategy of Containment of Political Islam

V. Oleinik. The Vertical and Horizontal Islamization of Western Europe in the Context of Migration Crisis

D. Kashulin. Russia’s Interests in the Focus of Energy Strategies of Japan and China



A. Degtyarev, N. Soboleva. The Victory Banner
















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