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2016. No 3


To the Readers


Theoretical and Methodological Problems of Social and Humanitarian Cognition

On the Anniversary of G.G. Sillaste

G. G. Sillaste. Gender sociology: from an idea and discussion to the scientific school

A. V. Lubsky. Social sciences in Russia: the intellectual situation at the turn of XX – XXI centuries


Social Structure and Social Institutions in Modern Society

V. I. Kurbatov, L. Sh. Krupenikova. The foreshortenings of sociological research of net-communities in the Internet

N. Kh. Gafiatulina, S. I. Samygin, A. V. Rachipa. Social health of Russian youth in the context of regional migration processes: threats to national security  

A. M. Shapovalova, I. V. Gubarev, D. V. Danelyus. Social security provision in the process of civil society formation at the local level   

S. V. Shefel. Ecophilic traditions as a resource for inter-ethnic integration in modern Russia


Culture and Globalization

Z. A. Zhade, Z. Yu. Khuako. Ethnos and the word: historical and sociocultural aspects of letter graphics  

L. A. Surkovа. Cossack A.A. Khanzhonkov’s Pegasus       


Economy and Management

K. V. Vodenko, E. Yu. Cherkesova. The institute of continuing vocational education as the space for professional competence and labor functions formation of future workers of various economic sectors         

S. V. Fateeva, O. S. Ivanchenko, S. A. Tikhonovskova. The specifics of cooperation of non-profit civic organizations and the state and municipal management system   


Higher Education: Problems and Prospects

I. N. Alekseenko. Social and philosophical foundations of the educational space organization for active formation and development of professional subjectivity of the future teacher

Y. S. Bortsov. Informatization of education: paradigm transition or machining attachment          

A. M. Starygina. Conceptual approaches to the study of the education system in the context of social transformations


Investigations of Young Scientists in Philosophy and Sociology

G. K. Azamatova, D. A. Kurashinova, O. G. Marshenkulova. Prevention of adolescent deviation and personal characteristics of a difficult teenager    

G. A. Arutyunyan. Structural and organizational parameters of the development and operation of management practices            

D. E. Gribov. Social expectations as a regulator of individual social behavior: theoretical research problems        

E. I. Eremeeva. Notion of personality in patristics: St. Augustine’s concept          

A. S. Zhivoy. The work ethic of Russian youth: features of formation in terms of crisis of labor and work values 

S. P. Kulikov. Patriotism in the discursive field of Russian sociology: theoretical aspects and social realities          

Y. S. Panfilova. Intergenerational social mobility: methodology of sociological research

T. A. Petrosov. The problems of correlation of media reality and media technology with the field of imagination              

T. S. Ryabinskaya. Culture patterns of youth extremism in modern Russian Society         

N. A. Savchenko. Philosophical and psychological problem of a limited sense reality       

Y. V. Turkot. The analysis of methodological approaches to the study of military and professional competence of future career soldiers   

D. A. Chkhartishvili. The problems of institutionalization of mediation in Russia

F. Z. Shogenova, Z. A. Khanieva, M. M. Shinakhova. Socio-demographic characteristics of life in modern state social policy (regional aspect)


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