Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

2017, No 23

Тopic of the Issue

To the methodology of scientific research

Khaliy I.A. Presenting This Issue. P. 9-12

The Theme of the Issue: To the methodology of scientific research

Vozmitel A.A. The conceptual foundations for the sociology of lifestyle. P. 13-44

Эндрюшко А. А. Theoretical approaches towards examining the adaptation of migrants to the host society: foreign practices. P. 45-70

Filippova Alexandra Gennadievna, Vysotzkaya Aliona Valer`evna The method for imitation model structuring (Using the unified state exam average score in Russian regions as an example). P. 71-89

Ecological education in modern Russia

Ivanova L.V. Ecological studies and education in the name of stable development in Russian schools: present and future. P. 90-112

Oreshkina Tatiana Anatolievna Ecological competences in the structure of educational programs in high-schools. P. 113-123

Values and their carriers

Vinokourova Anna Victorovna Value orientations among families of Dagestan origin in Primorye. P. 124-137

Problems of demography


Ossinsky Ivan Iosifovitch Buryatia’s demographic development. P. 138-158



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