Power 2017 No 12



About Purposes and Problems of Historical Research Sergei Feliksovich Chernyakhovskii 7-10


Consolidation Potential of Justice Value in Realization of Civil Control Viktor Mikhailovich Zakharov, Dianna Vazgenovna Davtyan 11-15

In Search of Leviathan Maksim Vladimirovich Vilisov 15-21

Social Partnership as a Way of Multi-sector Interaction in Terms of Higher Education Modernization Lyudmila Anatol'evna Overchuk 21-29

Local Government in the Russian Federation: Centralization or Decentralization? Irina Vladimirovna Balueva 29-32

Advantages of Internet Technologies in the Organization of Collective Action Aleksandr Vladimirovich Sokolov 33-38

Lifestyle of Citizen as a Social Mechanism of Constructing the Urban Boundaries Vera Nikolaevna Burtonova 38-42


Determinants and Social Consequences of the Transformation of Mortality in the Tatar ASSR in the late 1950s–1960s: a look through fifty years Vasil' Timer'yanovich Sakaev 43-49

Traditions as a Means of Formation of Social Adaptive Abilities of a Student and Development of Creative Ones on Example of the Maslenitsa Holiday Pavel Viktorovich Razov, Nadezhda Ivanovna Studenichnik, Ol'ga Mikhailovna Tsekhanovich 50-53

Modern Means of Physical Education for Adolescents in the Cadet Cossack Classes According to the Traditions of the Russian Cossacks Khoren Avetisovich Tononyan, Galina Nikolaevna Yulina, Aleksandr Vladimirovich Nebogatikov 54-60

Political Dimension of Public-Private Partnerships: Some Problems of Implementation in the Natural Monopoly Sphere in the Field of Transport Security Anastasiya Vladimirovna Timchenko 61-68

Change of Traditional Models of Sex-Role Behavior as a Way of Leveling the Cultural Identity of Russians Natal'ya Valentinovna Shalygina 68-71


The Russian State: Views of Muscovites at Its Past, Present and Future Andrei Andreevich Voz'mitel' 72-76

Experience of Index Study of Civic Engagement in the Yaroslavl Region Aleksandr Al'bertovich Frolov, Yakov Vasil'evich Barskii 76-82

Symbolic Construction of Professional Military Identity in the Russian Media Space (1990–2017) Anna Sergeevna Frolova 82-88


Representations of Power and Statehood in the Legal Heritage of the Mongolian Peoples in the 17th Century Boris Vandanovich Bazarov, Evgenii Vladimirovich Nolev 89-94

Stereotyping in the Depiction of Italian Fascism in the Soviet Press and Journalism in the 1920s–1930s Sergei Sergeevich Makulov 95-98

Political Portrait: Georgy Baev Svetlana Valer'evna Darchieva 99-103


The Dynamics of the Demographic Characteristics of the Workers and Employees of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1950–1958 Luiza Kayumovna Karimova 104-109

Demographic Characteristics of the Population of the Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1945–1950 Il'nara Il'dusovna Khanipova 109-116

Villages of the South of Russia in the Conditions of the Collective System Formation in the 1930s Marina Aleksandrovna Gaditskaya 117-122

Elections to the Soviets in the Don and Kuban Regions (1925–1926): Problems of Choice of the Reforms’ Course Yurii Aslanbievich Yakhutl' 123-129

Social and Cultural Characteristics of the Deputies of the Provincial Zemstvo’s Assemblies of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Perm in the First Three-Year Term Sergei Ivanovich Kornienko, Nadezhda Georgievna Povroznik, Alina Rinatovna Ekhlakova 130-136

On Institutions of Public Charity in Turkestan: Historical-Legal Aspect Ivan Vasil'evich Volkov 137-142


From Education to Entrepreneurship: the South Korean Experience of Universities Modernization Ol'ga Vladimirovna Zinevich, Elena Vladimirovna Zakharova 143-151

Reforms of Gas Industry of Great Britain in the 1980s – the First Half of the 1990s Vitalii Gennad'evich Shishikin, Sergei Anatol'evich Zenkov 151-158

Corruption Scandals in Japan at the Turn of the 20th – 21st Centuries Svetlana Sergeevna Kolyshkina 158-165


On the Issue of Protecting Russia's National Interests in the Great Middle East Nuradin Umarpashaevich Khanaliev 166-171

Manifestations of Religious and Political Extremism in the Republic of Dagestan and Counter Measures Muslimat Alkhilaevna Magomedova 171-177

The Question of Reuniting Crimea with Russia in Iranian Political Discourse Nikita Aleksandrovich Filin 177-179


Once More about Power Arkadii Olegovich Lapshin 180-185

Historical Insight Oleg Alekseevich Bel'kov 186-189


Review on the training manual «Elites in Russian Society» by А.N. Averin Aleksandr Vasil'evich Ponedelkov 190-191


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