Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2019, No 28

Тopic of the Issue 

Russian realitites: modern challenges? 

About This Issue. P. 7-10 

Russian realitites: modern challenges? 

Yanitsky Oleg N. Is social forecasting of the mobile world’s dynamics currently possible?. P. 11-28

Nikitina Bela Anatolievna “Zimnyaya Vishnya” and the “Yardovo” landfill as two sides of the same coin: difficulties in comprehending the obvious. P. 29-61

Gabdrakhmanova Gulnara Faatovna, Sagdieva Elvina Azadovna The socio-cultural conditions for the adaptation of “new” ethnic groups in the Republic of Tatarstan. P. 62-81

Drozdova Julia Alexeevna Resource approach in studying territorial communities. P. 82-103

Ivchenkov Sergey Grigorievitch, Sayganova Elena Victorovna Patriotism as a component of public consciousness: a generational measurement perspective. P. 104-119 

Sociology of education: for innovative economy 

Dezhina Irina Gennadievna, Kliucharev G.A. Secondary professional education for an innovative economy. P. 120-138 

Public healthRusinova N.L., Safronov Viacheslav VladimirovichThe issue of social inequality in terms of health: a comparative study of Russia within the European context. P. 139-161 

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