Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2019, No 29

Тopic of the Issue 

Sociology of Youth: attitudes in modern reality

About This Issue. P. 8-11

Sociology of Youth: attitudes in modern reality

Pinchuk Antonina Nikolaevna, Tikhomirov Dmitry Andreevitch The image of a corrupt official as perceived by Russia’s youth: using the unfinished sentences method. P. 12-27

Gavrilyuk Tatiana Vladimirovna The construct of masculinity in the culture of modern Russia’s new working class. P. 28-44

Korenkova Marianna Maximovna The need for professional and personal mentorship in modern society. P. 45-57

Middle class: author's methods of research

Bobkov Viacheslav Nikolayevitch, Odintsova Elena Valerievna Middle classes in the social structure of Russia’s working population. P. 58-74

Political Science: strategy of political processes

Kuchinov Artemiy Mikhailovitch Policy and quasi-policy in Russia: vectors for a possible transformation. P. 75-89

Andreev Ivan Andreevitch China’s “soft power” and its projection onto the territory of post-Soviet Eurasia. P. 90-106

Sociology of Education: social aspects of school study

Orolmaa Munkhbat, Taegshaee Bouraenjargaal, Dashzaewaeg Moonkhtoor Sociology of education: multi-shift schooling in Ulaanbaatar. P. 107-124

On New Publications

Gesheva Elena Georgievna Russia’s electoral landscape: yesterday, today, tomorrow. P. 125-137

Scientific Forums

Biyzhanova Eliza Kamchybekovna Center and periphery: dialogue or unused opportunities? Notes of the participant of a seminar. P. 138-143



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