Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2019, No 30

Тopic of the Issue: Setevization of Society: Social and Political Perspective

About This Issue. P. 8-11

Setevization of Society: Social and Political Perspective

O.M. Mikhaylyonok The informational-communicative risks of actively transitioning political relations to the web. P. 12-21

V.V. Lyublinsky Social policy under conditions of network society development. P. 22-32

Aleksander Manterys Cultural capital and public relations. P. 33-43

Andzej Szpocinski The importance of the past and relationships in social networks. P. 44-58

Municipalities of Russia: Spatial and Demographic Aspect

Valery V Patsiorkovskiy, Yuriy A Simagin, Dzhamilya D Murtuzalieva The population dynamic in Russian municipal formations from 2010 to 2018. P. 59-77

Youth Sociology: Social Guidelines

E. Avramova The social positioning and social practices of Russian millenials. P. 78-95

Olga V Yarmak, Larissa P Nelina, Veronika E Yarmak Interethnic and interreligious unity among Crimea college students. P. 96-112

Tribune of the Young Scientist

Anastasiya Y Zemskova On the history of researching electoral sociology. P. 113-130

Yulia V Ermolaeva Modernizing Russia’s waste management industry: the scope of expert analysis. P. 131-150

Maria S Ivchenkova Russian Think Tanks Functioning and Information Society. P. 151-164

On New Publications

 Galina S Shirokalova What is happening within the social structure of Russian society? Reviewing Zh. Toschenko’s study “The precariat: from the proto-class to a new class”. P. 165-172 

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