Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of publications

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101. Kliucharev G. A., Didenko D. V., Latov Iu. V., Latova N. V. Continuing education as a stimulus for human development and a factor of socio-economic inequalities. / Ed. by Iu. V. Latov (PhD in Economics, Dr.Hab. in Sociology). M.: IS RAS, 2013. – 433 p. ISBN 978-5-906001-27-6

102. Gavrilova I.N. Public control in Russia within the framework of basic democracy // Problem analysis and public administration projection. Theory, practice, methodology. N6(38), v.7, 2014

103. Kurikin A.N. The Features of the Russian legal awareness and political modernization. MIR (Mod. innov. razvit.), 2014, no. 3 (19), pp. 70–76.

104. Andreev A.L. From the ABC tj the University: education in Russia till tje end of the Enlightment, V.: Mephi, 2014

105. Party “Concord” Wins Again (The Results of the Parliamentary Elections in Latvia)

106. Vaskov M.A., Dyatlov A.V. Approaches to determining the role of organizational factors in the genesis of managerial culture in large business. Socio-humanitarian knowledge, 2014, No. 11, pp. 137-141.

107. Stroganova E. D. US policy towards lefting regimes in Latin America (part VI). Bereginya.777.Owl. Scientific journal, 2014, Issue 2 (21), pp. 76-110.

108. Miryasova O.A. Potentsial, repertuar i faktory massovoi politicheskoi aktivnosti v Rossii // Politicheskaya nauka. 2014. №4. S.162-185. ISSN 1998-1775.

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