Proshkova Z.V. Kindergartens education influence on primary school students' educational success in the parent's assessments. World of Science. Pedagogy and psychology, 9(5), рр. 62-70 Available at: https: ...

Proshkova Z.V. Kindergartens education influence on primary school students` educational success in the parent`s assessments. World of Science. Pedagogy and psychology, 9(5), рр. 62-70 Available at: (In Russ., abstract in Eng.). DOI: 10.15862/22PSMN521
ISSN 2658-6282
DOI 10.15862/22PSMN521

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The article examines the influence of kindergarten education on primary school students' success in the students' parents' assessments. The research relevance is explained by the need to comprehend the family factor in the educational process at the early stages of personality development. The following issues are discussed: family ideas about primary school student educational success, the relationship between school choice and kindergarten attendance, parental involvement in kindergarten, and primary school education of children. In the study's empirical part, 40 informal interviews were conducted with informants whose children studied in public and private kindergartens. The author presents a parental assessments comparative analysis of kindergarten education effectiveness. When studying the interviews, Russian computer programs for processing unstructured texts were used. It was found that the majority of parents believe that kindergarten education has a positive impact on the child's school success in primary grades. Parents who have sent their children to a private kindergarten rate the education benefits they receive most highly. The main criteria for the primary school student's success in the family are the child's academic performance. Among other indicators of success, the interviewed parents named friendship with classmates, respect for the first teacher, work in study clubs, participation in an intellectual academic competition, and a child's good mood for attending classes. No connection was found between school choice and the preschool education type. The school choice is influenced by the parental involvement style in the child's education in the early educational socialization stages: mentoring or liberal. It turned out that families whose children attended a public kindergarten tended to be mentoring behavior, as opposed to a more liberal attitude towards the children education of parents who chose a private kindergarten. The prospect of the study is to expand the empirical base of the project and include in the sample informants who choose to homeschool their children.

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