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Paradigm of social action: professionals in Russian modernization: [monograph]

Paradigm of social action: professionals in Russian modernization: [monograph] / O.Aksenova. Moscow: Institute of Sociology RAS, 2016. - 304 p.
ISBN 978-5-89697-260-0

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The monograph presents the results of the investigation of the role of actor in Russian modernization implemented through research of the activity of Russian and Soviet professionals. The main attention is focused upon the past-war period of Soviet history. The state centralized administration is explored from the perspective of professional and manager. The correlation of the regulation and freedom of action is considered. The monograph shows the role of normative and value regulation in the professional activity; reveals the main principles of social action and model of management. Another important issue of the book is social and cultural reproduction of professional-actor. The monograph contains a number of exceptions of the memoirs and interviews with professionals that are interesting in themselves. The book is addressed to the wide circle of readers that are interested in the modern situation in Russia and Russian history, specialists of social science, students of sociology and political science departments.

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