Civil Consciousness and Civil Society

Civil Consciousness and Civil Society
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the Article considers the Problems of formation of Civil Society and Civil Consciousness in Terms of Increasing the Role of horizontal Communication and Networking Technologies socio-political Communications. Particular Emphasis is placed on the Analysis of the Value-motivational Component, allowing to trace Changes in the Formation of Civic Participation and to assess the Quality and Value-oriented Civic Activism. Based on the analysis of data from various large-scale sociological Studies have shown that the Formation of Civil Consciousness correlates with the Formation of the middle Class, generational Shifts, and also improving the Quality of human and social Capital. It is stated that the General state of Civic Consciousness characterized by inconsistency and ambivalence, reflecting the entire Palette of contradictory Conditions of Formation of Civil Society in modern Russia. Diffuse as represented democratic Values and Attitudes leads to the Conclusion that, coming from the bowels of a totalitarian Society, modern and democratic public Consciousness is only in the beginning of its Formation.

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