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How do you live, intellectuals? Sociological essays: a collective monograph

How do you live, intellectuals? Sociological essays: a collective monograph / Ed. by J. T. Toshchenko. - Moscow: Tsentr sotsial`nogo prognozirovaniya i marketinga, 2018. - 360 p.
ISBN 978-5-906001-54-2

Posted on site: 03.09.18

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The monograph is based on data of sociological survey of the life world in 2014 and 2016, which, in comparison to information from other sociological centers, explain the inconsistency of the processes taking place among the humanitarian intelligentsia – teachers, medic and culture workers. An attempt is made to answer a debatable question: is it possible to speak about the modern intelligentsia as a real phenomenon or it becomes a thing of the past, how many features inherent to predecessors were preserved by the modern Russian intelligentsia: high moral responsibility, orientation to the interests of the population, the desire to be an example of professional culture, to be a model both in public and in personal (private) life. An analysis of the main meanings of the activity of the intelligentsia in all spheres of social life is carried out. Particular attention is paid to the quality of life, labor activity, employment problems, social well–being, which in many respects reveal the features of the precariousness of the social status of these social groups at the present stage of Russian society development. For all those interested for contemporary social problems and especially the life world of the intelligentsia, for sociologists, economists, historians and other scholars of the social and humanitarian sphere.



Тощенко Ж.Т., Анисимов Р.И., Буланова М.Б., Воробьева И.В., Гришина Е.А., Кученкова А.В., Цапко М.С., Шевченко И.О.
Редактор: Тощенко Ж.Т.

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