Lenkov, R.V. Social forecasting and projecting: a training manual

Lenkov, R.V. Social forecasting and projecting: a training manual / R.V. Lenkov. - 3rd ed., Revised. and add. - Moscow: INFRA-M, 2020 .-- 189 p. - (Higher Education: Undergraduate). - DOI 10.12737 / 1058988. - ISBN 978-5-16-108204-1. - Text: electronic. - URL: https://new.znanium.com/catalog/product/1058988 (accessed date: 03/31/2020)
ISBN 978-5-16-108204-1
DOI 10.12737/1058988
РИНЦ: https://www.elibrary.ru/item.asp?id=42616951

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The manual reveals the prerequisites for the formation of socioprognostic research in Russia against the background of the evolutionary processes of social forecasting of the 20th century. The essential characteristics of social forecasting, its subject and range of issues are considered. Based on the analysis of classification schemes of methods of scientific forecasting, an author's approach to the classification of methods of social forecasting is proposed. Particular attention is paid to the description of characteristics, specifics of application and the procedure for choosing methods for compiling social forecasts. A theoretical and applied analysis of the foundations of social design is carried out, the directions of its implementation and the scientific methods used in this process are considered. The conceptual design framework is outlined in the field of education on the example of the educational process at the university. The structure of the model for substantiating and approving design decisions is given. The third edition of the book is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the State University of Management. It complies with the current requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education. For students of higher educational institutions studying in the humanities and specialties.

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