Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2019, No 31
Тopic of the Issue: Ethnicity in a multicultural world 

About This Issue. P. 8-15

Ethnicity in a multicultural world

Guzel I Makarova Significant events as the basis of regional branding strategies in Tatarstan. P. 16-35

Pavel V Fadeev Libraries’ potential for developing readers’ identities (the example of Ufa). P. 36-54

Nataliya S Mastikova Attitudes towards migrants and the changes they bring, in assessments of Russians and Europeans. P. 55-71

Anna A Endryushko «Mind in Russia, the soul in Azerbaijan»: identities of Azerbaijani immigrants in Russia. P. 72-91

Ekaterina Y Kosevich Spanish mass-media on Latin American migrants: between fear and pity. P. 92-110

Vitaly N Naydenko Probability of extremist threats within the ethno-national realm manifesting in Russia. P. 111-125

Sociology of Education: Modern Problems

Garold E Zborovskiy, Polina A Ambarova Trust in universities as a factor for overcoming educational inefficiency. P. 126-149

Alexandra G Filipova, Alena V Vysotskaya Educational inequality in Russian schools: the influence of territorial factor. P. 150-163

Sociology of Youth: Values and Their Formation

Yulia A Zubok, Vladimir I Chuprov Self-regulation of life purpose values in youth cultural space. P. 164-186

Valentin G Nemirovsky, Anna V Maltseva Competition as a value of working youth in the Tyumen region. P. 187-201

Motives of citizens’ activity

Igor Y Kiseliov, Natalia V Ovchinnikova, Anna G Smirnova The economic behavior of people living in apartment buildings. P. 202-219

Zinaida A Butueva Volunteer activity among the elderly: features and participation motives. P. 220-230

Anastasia I Voronkova Meta description of female business engagement scenarios. P. 231-248

Sociology of Labor

Irina P Popova Independence in professional activity: a glance at long-term trends. P. 249-267


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