INTERaction. INTERview. INTERpretation
INTERaction. INTERview. INTERpretation - peer review journal. The title of the journal has a con­ceptual sense. From our point of view, what is important here is the meaning of these terms, which reflect the process of qualitative-interpretive research. Focusing on acts of social interaction, the qualitative research is conducted with the help of ‘soft’ techniques for obtaining information and insight. It aims at understanding the life-worlds of social actors and implies an ethic of professional action. Accentuated INTER is a single component, which refers back to intersubjectivity and to social interaction as basic elements of sociality, then, to an awareness of the different contexts and di­mensions of interpretations, as well as to the commitment to certain approaches of investigation, and, finally, to a communication network within the international com­munity of sociologists who share similar research interests.
The journal is not limited to sociologists but rather invites a wide circle of scholars in other fields: anthropologists, historians, linguists, cultural and social workers, psy­chologists, political scientists, all who are oriented towards the study of micro-sociality and to phenomena such as the (hidden) multiculturality of local communities. Invited are methodological discussions and debates on the various approaches to social phe­nomena. We pay special attention to innovative research practices in diverse fields of scientific knowledge, such as the use of non-conventional techniques and sources of information (visual documents, in-depth interviews, life stories) as well as new as­pects of scientific interest (including, for instance, subjective conceptions of social space and time). In short, the main aim of the journal is to be informative about the developing and rapidly changing field of contemporary social sciences.
Publication in the journal is free for authors. Manuscripts are accepted throughout the year. 
Publisher: Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Editor-in-Chief: Doctor of of Sociological Sciences, Institute of Sociology of FCTAS RAS Victoria V. Semenova

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