ESA 11th Conference: Crisis, Critique and Change
Torino, Italy, 28 - 31 August 2013
Participants from FCTAS RAS
Oral presentation "Characteristics of individualization in a post-socialist context"
Oral presentation "Class position as a determinant of acquiring teaching skills in general education schools in Russia"
Oral presentations "Dynamics of the professional status of a specialist in preschool education in education reform" and "The crisis of the ideology of doctors' altruism in a changing Russia"
Oral presentation "Clickocracy as a form of quasi-democratic consolidation of regimes"
Oral presentation "State and professionalization: perspectives of sociological and institutional analysis"
Oral presentation "Creation of the image of the authorities in the Russian media in the context of large-scale terrorist attacks"
Oral presentation "The memory of military experience as a source of the formation of masculinity"
Oral presentation "Consolidation of Russia and the characteristics of Russian identity"

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