List of publications


1.  P.A. Sorokin. Sociology and Ethics. Traslated by V.V. Sapov. Nasledie, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 158-162.

2. Sapov V.V. Sorokin P. A. Lenin-destroyer. Vestnik of Syktyvkar University. Series of humanitarian Sciences, 2017. Issue 1, pp. 5–9.

3.  Sorokin P.A. The New Soviet Codes and Soviet Justice. Translated by V.V. Sapov. Nasledie, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 146-157.

4.  Sorokin P. A. Contemporary Sociological Theories Through the First Quarter of the Twentieth Century .(Chapters from books). Chapter VI: Sociological interpretation of struggle for existence and sociology of war. Translated from English by A. K. Konyukhov and V. V. Sapov. Legacy, 2017, N 2 (11), pp. 165-198.

5.  Sorokin P. A. Social and cultural dynamics. M.: Academic project, 2017

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