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1. Adaptation and integration of polyethnic space of the regions of Russia: problems, recommendations [monography] / Dmitriev A. V., Voronov V. V. - M.: The New Chronograf, 2017. - 184 p.

2. Chirikova, A. E, Ledyaev, V. G. Governance in Russian Town [Text] / A. E. Chirikova, V. G. Ledyaev ; National Research University Higher School of Economics.  — Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2017.  — 416 pp. — 500 copies. — ISBN 978-5-7598-1579-2 (hardcover). — ISBN 978-5-7598-1657-7 (e-book).

3. Volkov Y. G. Dissertation: preparation, protection, design. Practical guide. 6 th , ed. Moscow: KnoRus, 2017. 218 p.

4. Loginov, A.V. Evrazia i islam. M.: Bolshaya rossijskaya entsikopedia, 2017. — 343 pp.

5.  Implementation of foreign models of national integration, value policy and institutional practices in the field of inter-ethnic relations in the Russian context: monograph resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov. - Moscow: Social and Humanitarian Knowledge, 2017. - 332 p.

6. Corporatism of subjects of administrative management in the Russian society: monograph. - Rostov-on-Don: Publishing house The Foundation for Science and Education, 2017. - 168 p.

7. Corruption in Russia: information and legal methods of counteraction: textbook / resp. ed., Candidate of Law, Doctor of Sociological Sciences Isakova Y.I. Rostov on/D.: Fund for Science and Education. 2017.- 128 pp.

8.  Mobility and Stability in the Russian Labour Market / Eds. V. Gimpelson and R. Kapeliushnikov; National Research University Higher School of Economics. – Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2017. – 529, [7] p. – 500 copies. – ISBN 978-5-7598-1532-7 (hardcover). – ISBN 978-5-7598-1622-5 (e-book).

9. Reliability of Results of Sociological Research

10.  Practices of socialization in the educational environment in the conditions of modern society: theoretical and methodological approaches and empirical studies: collective monograph/ scientific. ed. M.V. Rybakova. - M .: Publishing house Pero, 2017. - 243 p.

11. Provocation: sociophilosophical essays. Monograph /A. V. Dmitriev, A. A. Sychev. – M.: CSEM, 2017. – 336 p.

12.  M.K. Gorshkov (Editor), A.L. Andreev, R.E. Barash, L.G. Byzov, L.M. Drobizheva, A.V. Karavay, N.V. Latova, Yu.V. Latov, Yu.P. Lezhnina, S.V. Mareeva, M.M. Mchedlova, V.V. Petukhov (Editor), R.V. Petukhov, N.N. Sedova, I.N. Trofimova, N.E. Tikhonova. Russian Society and Challenges of The Time Book Five

13.  Russia and the world: global challenges and strategies of socio-cultural modernization. Materials of International scientific-practical conference (Moscow, 12-13 October 2017) / Ed. by A. V. Tikhonov. M. - FNISC RAS - 2017 - 760.

14.  Solidarism in France in the Third Republic Period. Ed. by Alexander Gofman. Moscow: KDU, Universitetskaya Kniga, 2017. 196 p. (Ser. Theory and History of Sociology).

15.  Social Justice in the Modern World. – / Eds. L.I. Nikovskaya, V.N. Schevchenko, V.N. Yakimets. – Moscow, Publisher «Kluch-C», 2017. – 446 p.

16.  The social state and policy: collection of scientific articles / Under the editorship of O. M. Mikhailenok, V. V. Lublinskiy; Institute of sociology Russian Academy of Sciences. – Moscow: RAS FNESC, 2017. – 268 S. (the Harmony in the society as the condition of development of Russia. Issue 5).

17. Kukonkov P.I. Social tension: sources, factors, transformation: monograph / P.I. Kukonkov.- Nizhniy Novgorod: Gladkova O.V., 2017. –225 p.

18.  Social factors of interethnic tension in Russia: monograph / [M. F. Chernysh and others]; Ed. by Yu. B. Epikhina, M.F. Chernysh. - Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2017. - 336 p.

19. Sociology of the future: sociological knowledge and social project: monograph / Y.G. Volkov. - Moscow: KNORUS, 2017. - 178 p.

20. Stroganova E.D. USA and lefting regimes of Latin America (in the second half of XX – beginning XXI century). M. 2017. – 288 p.

21.  Grushaeva N.P., Belaya L.N., Bryntseva E.V., Gurieva I.V., Kuznetsova N.I., Lavrova E.N., Levina I.O., Maksimova O.V., Proskurina S.V., Rahmatulina O.A., Sinitsyna V.A., Strukova L.M., Sysoeva O.V., Chizhikova M.A., Shestakova L.V. Technologies for effective socialization of children 3-7 years old: implementation system, forms, scenarios: methodical manual. - M .: Ventana-Graf, 2017. - 320 p. - (Tropinki)

22.  Formation of civil patriotism in the South of Russia. Materials School of the young sociologist Formation of civil patriotism in the South Russia (November 1-3), 2017, Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies SFedU, Rostov-on-Don) / Resp. ed. Y.G. Volkov; ed.: N.Z. Gubnelova, V.O. Vagina. Rostov n / D.: Fund for Science and Education, 2017.- 199 p.

23. The Timeline of the United States Presidential Election, 2016. Experience of Sociological Observation of the Social Process

24.  Gorshkov, Mikhail Konstantinovich. Russian Society in the Context of Crisis Realities: Internal and External Factors (Summaries of the Main Findings of the National Sociological Monitoring Survey) / Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow: Izdatelstvo VES MIR, 2017.

25.  Abrahamson P., Davidova N., Zdravomislov A., Manning N., Tikhonova N., Veit-Wilson J., Zuziev A. Poverty and Social Exclusion in the New Russia / Ed. by N. Manning, N. E. Tikhonova. L. : Routledge, 2017, 303 p.

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