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1. Osadchaya G., Kireev E., Kiseleva E., Chernikova A. The Adaptive Capacity Of Young Migrants From Kyrgyzstan In Moscow. Central Asia and the Caucasus. 2021. Vol. 24. No. 4. Pp. 126-139.

2. Kononov L., Ledeneva V. Adaptation and integration of international migrants: theoretical and methodological problems. World economy and international relations, 2021, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 103-112.

3. E. A. Chernykh , E. V. Loginova Adapting and Developing the Companys Organizational Culture in the Era of the Pandemic and Remote Employment. Labour and Social Relations 2021. Vol. 32. No. 2. PP. 124-137. DOI 10.20410/2073-7815-2021-32-2-124-137

4. Rostovskaya, T. K. Academic mobility as the most important tool for the formation of a unified educational space for young scientists / T. K. Rostovskaya, V. I. Skorobogatova. In: Modern approaches to the legal formalization of public relations in the field of education : a collective monograph. - Moscow : Federal Center for Educational Legislation, 2021. P. 112-144.

5. Velikii P.P., Velikaya N.M. Actors of rural autonomous household: meanings and results. Economic and Social Changes: Facts, Trends, Forecast, 2021, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 201215. DOI: 10.15838/esc.2021.4.76.12

6. V.V. Moiseev, Yu.S. Kolesnikova, O.A. Smolenskaya. Actual problems of human capital in the regions of Russia. Human capital. 2021. No. 6 (150). Pp. 38-44.

7. Chernykh E.A., Loktyukhina N.V. Actual social and labor aspects of self-employment in modern Russia. Economic revival of Russia, 2021, No. 1 (67), pp. 136-151 DOI:10.37930/1990-9780-2021-1-67-136-151

8. Kuriukin A.N. Current Trends in the Study, Development and Management of Ethnic Conflicts. Sociopolitical Sciences. 2021. Vol. 11. No. 4. Pp. 2236.

9. Shushpanova I.S. Current concerns and problems of the Russian civil society. In: Russian civil society and State in the context of the pandemic and parliamentary elections. V. K. Levashov, N. M. Velikaya, I. S. Shushpanova [et al.]; executive editor V. K. Levashov. M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 7-18. URL:

10. Klimeko Z.V. The Rise of Albania: the russian society and the Albanian question at the beginning of the 20th century (based on materials of some monthly magazines). In: Slaves and Russia: View on the Balkans. XVIII-XXI centuries. Moscow: Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2021. - P. 608-640.

11. Barash R. Alexander von Humboldt: the Outstanding Natural Scientist, the Silent Ideologist of Multiculturalism. Problems of Philosophy. 2021. No. 5. Pp. 1720.

12. Ryumina E.V. Analysis of eastern regions by human quality criteria. Journal of Economy and Business. 2021. No. 7. Pp. 129-135.

13. Vartanova M. L. Analysis of migration processes and trends of their development in the conditions of radical reforms. Natural-humanitarian studies. 2021. No. 36 (4). Pp. 61-67.

14. Zmlyanova E.V. Analysis of monthly mortality dynamics in Moscow and St.Petersburg during COVID-19 pandemics. In: III All-Russian Demographic Forum with international participation : materials of the forum (Moscow, December 3-4, 2021) / Ed. T. K. Rostovskaya ; FCTAS RAS. M. : FNISTC RAS, 2021. P. 162-167.

15. Report on the results of the research MMWU in the year of its 30th anniversary: influence, development, prospects / S.V. Patrushev, I. L. Nedyak [et al]; edit and head by S.V. Patrushev; FCTAS RAS. M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. 76 p.

16. Chernova Zh., Shpakovskaya L. The anti-abortion agenda in the conservative discourse in Russia: ideological campaigns, legal initiatives and regional practices. Demographic Review. 2021. Vol. 8. No. 2. Pp. 27-50.

17. Silin A. N. Arctic city and rotational worker: new challen-ges // Scientific Bulletin of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. 2021. (110). No. 1. P. 68‒82. doi: 10.26110/ARCTIC.2021.110.1.005

18. Mitrofanova A.V., Shimanskaya E.S. Architecture of Solidarity in Russian Society: Evolution and Prospects. In: Networking of political relations in the conditions of a new reality: [monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko, V. V. Lyublinsky [et al.] ; ed. O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko ; FCTAS RAS - M. : FCTAS RAS, 2021. - P. 142-165.

19. Rusinova N., Safronov V. (2021) Assotsiatsii tsennostey i samootsenok zdorovya v kulturnykh kontekstakh yevropeyskikh stran [Associations of values and selfrated health in the cultural contexts of European countries]. Zhurnal sotsiologii i sotsialnoy antropologii [The Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology], 24(4): 138161 (in Russian).

20. K. Galkin Barriers and inequalities for older people in the urban environment during the COVID-19 pandemic // Russia Reforming: Yearbook: Issue 19/Otv. ed. M.K. Gorshkov; FNISS RAS. - M.: New Chronograph, 2021, pp. 65-86. DOI: 10.19181/ezheg.2021.3

21. Bednyi B. I., Voronin G. L., Mironos A. A., Rybakov N. V. Barriers to Doctoral Degree Attainment: Problems of the Period after Postgraduate Studies. University Management: Practice and Analysis, 2021; 25 (1): 3548. doi. 10.15826/umpa.2021.01.003.

22. Mamina D.A., Mareev V.I., Khunagov R.D. Barriers to socio-cultural adaptation of foreign students in universities of the South of Russia // Bulletin of the South Russian State Technical University. Series: Socio-economic Sciences. 2021; 14(6): 113122. (In Russ.).

23. Rumyantseva E.E., Sheremet A.N. Poverty is not a threshold: comprehensive measurement and assessment of poverty as a necessary condition for effective socio-economic policy. Bulletin of MIRBIS. 2021. No. 2(26). Pp. 157-168. DOI: 10.25634/MIRBIS. 2021. 2. 17

24. Molodikova I.N. Refugees in EU Cities: Housing Policy and Ghettoization Processes (Comparative Analysis of Denmark and Austria). In: The variety of urban worlds: history, theory, practice. Collection of articles (Moscow, Moscow State University, March 23-24, 2021). - M .: Geogr. Faculty of Moscow State University, 2021. P .88-99.

25. Chernova Zh., Shpakovskaya L. (2021) Endless groundhog day: sociological analysis of educational practices implemented by university students in a situation of forced isolation. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes Journal. No. 2. P. 464483. (In Russ.)

26.  Biljana Plavšić. Show. Translated from Serbian by E. Yu. Guskova and Z. V. Klimenko. In: Yugoslavia: the participants of the events I remember / Comp. and resp. edited by E. J. Guskova. - St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dal, 2021. - P. 6-20

27. Gurko T.A. (2021) Children's Well-being in Various Family Structures: a Review of Foreign Research Results. Vestnik of Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod. Social Sciences. No. 1 (61). P. 45-53. DOI 10.52452/18115942_2021_1_45

28. Slobodenyuk E.D. Wellbeing of Russian professionals: dynamics and specificity // Journal of Institutional Studies. 2021. Vol. 13. No. 4. P. 4058.

29. Sivoplyasova S. Yu., Ryazantsev N.S. Marital behavior of female migrants from Central Asia. Woman in Russian Society. 2021. Special issue. P. 136-149. DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2021.0.9

30. Chernysheva N.V. Marriage and divorce rate of the population of the Volga-Vyatka region before and during the Great Patriotic war (1939-1945). Questions of history. 2021. No. 8-1. Pp. 11-17.

31. Nestik T.A., Sedova N.N., Klimanova E.G. The Future of The Research Industry: From Competing for Budgets to Finding Partners. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes. 2021. No. 1. P. 368386.

32. Smirnov A. I. (2021) Searching for New Paradigms of Military Sociological Research. Book Review: Soeters J. Sociology and Military Studies. Monitoring of Public Opinion: Economic and Social Changes. No. 6. P. 610616. (In Russ.)

33. Vartanova M. L. The importance of forming a value-based attitude to the heroic past of ancestors through spirituality among modern youth. In: Socio-pedagogical issues of education and upbringing : materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Cheboksary, June 25, 2021) / editorial board: Zh. V. Murzina [et al.] Cheboksary: Publishing house Wednesday, 2021. - P. 13-15.

34. Ryazantsev S. V., Smirnov A.V. Vaccination as a key element of the fight with the pandemic of COVID-19. In: Pandemic COVID-19: Challenges, consequences, opposition: [monograph] / A. V. Torkunov, S. V. Ryazantsev, V. K. Levashov [et al.]; Under the editorship of A. V. Torkunov, S. V. Ryazantsev, V. K. Levashov; introd. the word of A.V. Torkunov. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 219-229.

35. Kriukova, E.B., Koval, O.A Walter Benjamin and Erich Kästner. The Story of Two Moralists. Studia Litterarum, vol. 6, no. 4, 2021, pp. 142163. (In Russ.)

36. Silin A.N. Rotational method of Arctic development: priorities of legislative regulation. In: Civilizational aspects of the development of the Arctic regions of Russia: Materials of the II scientific-practical conference (December 15, 2020): a collection of articles. M .: Publishing house IMTs, 2021. P. 459-476.

37. Silin A.N. Shift labor in the Arctic: socio-spatial discourse: monograph / A.N. Silin Tyumen: IUT, 2021. -96 p. Direct text.

38. Chernysh M.F., Markin V.V. Introduction. In: Small towns of Russia: new challenges, social problems and prospects: [monograph] / M. F. Chernysh, V. V. Markin, G. R. Baymurzina [et al.]; ed. by M. F. Chernysh, V. V. Markin; preface by M. K. Gorshkov; FCTAS RAS. - M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 8-14. URL:

39. Mikhaylenok O.M., Nazarenko A.V. Introduction. In: Networking of political relations in the conditions of a new reality: [monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko, V. V. Lyublinsky [et al.] ; ed. O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko ; FCTAS RAS - M. : FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 4-8.

40. Zemnukhova L.V. The rise and fall of the Russian techies brand in London. In: From Russia with code: Migrations of Programmers in the Post-Soviet Era / edited by M. Biagioli, V. Lepine; [trans. from the English by E. Napreenko, edited by D. Zhikharevich]. - St. Petersburg : EUPress, 2021. P. 531-560.

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