Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

12th Conference of the European Sociological Association

Prague, Czech Repulic, 25-28 August, 2015

Participants from the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences



Gorshkov Mikhail K.
The "Russian World": How Do Russians See it Nowdays?
Section: RN36

Chernysh Mikhail F.
The Unjust Society: Unequal Inclusion as Institutional Failure
Section: RN36

Tyurina Irina O.
Social Transformations in Russia in the Context of New National and International Realities
Section: RN36

Danilova Elena N.
Changes in Welfare Regime and Discourse of Social Justice in Russia
Section: RN36

Deviatko Inna F.
"Wisdom-of-Crowds" and "Wisdom Within": Comparative Accuracy of Group and Individual Judgments of Isolated Social Facts
Section: RN21

Epikhina Yulia B.
Comparative Analysis of Educational Policy in the Soviet and Contemporary Russia
Section: RN10

Magun Vladimir S.
Rational and Normative Pride in Comparative Perspective: the East, the West, and the Rest
Section: RN36

Mansurov Valery A., Yurchenko Olesya V.
Social Attitudes and Status of Women Engineers in Russia in Transition
Section: RN19

Miryasova Olga A.
Forms and Perspectives of Mass Political Activity in Contemporary Russia
Section: RN36

Patrushev Sergey V.Pavlova Tamara V., Philippova Liudmila E.
Mass Activity and Political Transformation: Institutional Model of Mass Politics
Section: RN36

Popova Irina P.
Professional Career within and outside the Profession (the Case of Young Russian Lawyers)
Section: RN19

Rozhdestvenskaya Elena U. 
Continuity in the Families of Owners of Private Capital and Big Business in Russia
Section: RN03

Shilova Valentina A., Akimkin Evgeniy M., Bykov Kirill V. 
Social, Communicative and Status Inequality in Contemporary Russia
Section: RN37

Vanke Alexandrina V.
The Masculine Corporeality of Blue-Collar and White-Collar Workers in Russia
Section: RN33