Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

10th ESA Conference "Social Relations in Turbulent Times"

Geneva, Switzerland, September 7-10

Participants from FCTAS RAS


Oral presentations "Social aspects of the modernization of Russian society: sociological perspectives", "Sociological perspectives on the problems of inequality and social justice in post-reform Russia"

Oral presentations "Return to reality. Neoliberalism and Social Time in Modern Russia", "Individualization in the Context of Post-Socialist Transformations: What Does It Mean to Be the Winner of Reforms?"

Oral presentation "Professionalization of Russian doctors as a step towards building a civil society”

Oral presentation "Professional careers of Russian specialists: from the consequences of the crisis to new prospects"

Oral presentation "Problems of legalizing the activity of healers in Russia"

Oral presentation “Problems of Ethnic Tolerance in the Russian Press”

Oral presentations "The youth labor market in Russia: current state, characteristics, challenges and prospects", "Russian educational system and problems of social inclusion"

Oral presentation "State civic education at school: problems and new trends"

Oral presentation "Building the Memorization of Identity: A Case of Local War”

Oral presentation "Social health problems"

Oral presentation "Measuring social transformation in post-socialist countries through age differences in basic human values"

Oral presentations "The middle class in modern Russia", "The role of the state and the optimal path of development of Russia in the perception of the population"

Oral presentations "Biographical stories of the life of Ostarbeiters", "Russian museums of the Afghan war and strategies of collective memory"

Oral presentation "The contribution of sociology to the study of the value of life from a risk perspective: a case of the effect of "psychophysical numbness"

Oral presentation "Non-governmental organizations in Russia and the European Union: a comparative analysis"

  • O. Sido

Oral presentation "Family in a changing society"

Oral presentations "Turbulent Times: A Research Agenda", "The Mobilizing Role of Disasters: Social Movements, Networks and Democracy"

Oral presentation "Young Workers: Accumulation of Educational Resources and Professional Trajectories"