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1. Klimenko Z.V. Biljana Plavšić. Show. In: Yugoslavia: the participants of the events I remember / Comp. and resp. edited by E. J. Guskova. - St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dal, 2021. - P. 6-20

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6. Ivanova A . E., Pletneva Yu.E., Siviplyasova S . Y., Sigareva E. P., Arkhangelskiy V. N . Is natural population growth in Russia possible in the next 10 years? Ekonomika. Nalogi. Pravo = Economics, taxes & law. 2021;14(2):32-43. (In Russ.). DOI: 10.26794/1999-849X‑ 2021-14-2-32-43

7. Eremenko Yu.A. World Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. Wismar and Stralsund experience. In: Social urbanism: time and space. Collection of scientific papers Following the international online conference September 25-26, 2020, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. and the 85th anniversary of the Honorary Worker of the SSTU V.N. Yarskaya-Smirnova. Ed. L.A. Skvortsova. Saratov: Sarat. State tehn University, 2021. P. 103-106. 1 CD-ROM.

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12. Sorokin P. A. Hunger as a factor: The impact of hunger on people's behavior, social organization and social life / Compilation, preparation of the text, introductory article and comments by V. V. Sapov and M.V/ Lomonosova. - M.; St. Petersburg; Syktyvkar: Center for Humanitarian Initiatives, 2021-496. (Second edition)

13. Ryazantsev S.V., Rostovskaya T.K., Ochirova G.N., Pletneva Ju.E. State Scholarship Programs and Grants as a Factor of the Human Capital Development: Russian and Foreign Experience. Logos et Praxis, 2021, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 65-77. (in Russian). DOI:

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16. Ilyicheva L.E., Lapin A.V., Kremer P. Trust in the system of basic values ​​of Russia and Germany: the consequences of the pandemic. Problems of the national strategy, 2021, Vol. 64, No. 1, pp. 97-118.

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18. Kuchenkova, A.V. (2020), Measuring subjective well-being based on social media texts. Overview of modern practices, RSUH/RGGU Bulletin. Philosophy. Sociology. Art Studies Series, no. 4, pp. 92101, DOI:10.28995/2073-6401-2020-4-92-101

19. Semenov E.V., Skazochkin A.V., Sokolov D.V. Institutional Environment for Creation and Commercialization of New Technologies. Book Review: Grigoriy A. Klyucharyev (Ed.) (2021). High-Tech Industries within the System of Institutions Interaction. Moskva: FNISTs RAN. Sociology of Science and Technology, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 198-210.

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29. Davydov A. P. Methodological Mid-for from the Perspective of V. Lektorskys Non-classics, A. Akhiezers Mediation and R. Greenbergs / A. Rubinsteins Complementarity Principle // Voprosy Filosofii. 2021. VOL. 4. PP. 191202.

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32. Nikovskaya L.I. Municipal public policy in the context of the emerging network society: a conflictological aspect (based on the results of sociological research in the regions of the Russian Federation). In: Managing regional conflicts in the context of the digitalization of modern society: methodology and implementation practices / ed. by N. A. Shibanova. - Kazan: Kazan University Publishing House, 2021. P. 340-349.

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38. Rostovskaya T.K., Bezverbnaya N.. Features and trends of womens crime in Russia. Social area. 2021. 1(7). DOI: 10.15838/sa.2021.1.28.3 URL:

39. Rostovskayaa T.K., Kuchmaeva O.V., Zolotareva O.A. Evaluation of Demographic Attitudes by the Eyes of Men and Women under Conditions of Fertility Deficiency. Woman in Russian Society. 2021. Special issue. P. 121135. DOI: 10.21064/WinRS.2021.0.8

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