Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sociological Science and Social Practice 

 (Scociologicheskaja nauka i social'naja practika)

 No 1 (9) 2015



To the Reader 3-4

Gorshkov M. K. Russian Sociology in the post-Soviet Period: Status and Problems of Development 5-15

Dmitriev A. V. Conflict Potential of Migration: Theoretical and Practical Problems 16-29

Kuchenkova A. V., Tatarova G. G. Typological Structure of Countries Based on Characteristics of The Political Culture of the Population 30-51

Byzov L. G. The Ukrainian Crisis in the Context of Major Socio-Political and Socio-Cultural Process that Shape the Mass Consciousness of Russians 52-77

Ovsyannikov A. A. The New Generation: Long Road in Search of New Ideals and the Meaning of Life 78-97

Dargan A. A. Quality of Life of People With Limited Living Space 98-114

Zlotnikova T. S., Letina N. N., Gaponova Z. K. Youth in Contemporary Russian Province: Socio-Cultural Reflection 115-132

Kravchenko S. A. Risks and Challenges of Food: the Need for Humanistic Biopolitics 133-149 

Klyucharev G. A. Review of the Monograph of Z. K. Selivanova «The Value World of Russian Teenagers: Formation, Dynamics, Control (Sociological Aspect)» 150-151