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List of publications

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51. Silin A.N. Rotational method of Arctic development: priorities of legislative regulation. In: Civilizational aspects of the development of the Arctic regions of Russia: Materials of the II scientific-practical conference (December 15, 2020): a collection of articles. – M .: Publishing house IMTs, 2021. P. 459-476.

52. Mikhaylenok O.M., Nazarenko A.V. Introduction. In: Networking of political relations in the conditions of a new reality: [monograph] / O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko, V. V. Lyublinsky [et al.] ; ed. O. M. Mikhaylenok, A.V. Nazarenko ; FCTAS RAS - M. : FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 4-8.

53. Zemnukhova L.V. The rise and fall of the Russian techies brand in London. In: From Russia with code: Migrations of Programmers in the Post-Soviet Era / edited by M. Biagioli, V. Lepine; [trans. from the English by E. Napreenko, edited by D. Zhikharevich]. - St. Petersburg : EUPress, 2021. P. 531-560.

54. Sivoplyasova S.Yu., Sigareva E.P., Arkhangelsky V.N., Pletneva Yu.E. Contribution of foreign citizens to marriage and fertility in Russia. In: The challenges of the pandemic and the strategic agenda for society and the state: socio-political situation and demographic situation in 2021: [monograph] / V. K. Levashov [et al.] ; ed. V. K. Levashov, G. V. Osipov, S. V. Ryazantsev, T. K. Rostovskaya; FNISTC RAS. M. : SNITS RAS, 2021. P. 192-210.

55. Rakhmonov A.Kh. Contribution of labor migrants from Tajikistan to the Russian economy. In: Analysis of the state and prospects for the development of the Russian economy (ASPREK-2021). Materials of the V All-Russian Youth Scientific and Practical Conference (with international participation); Ivanovo, April 30, 2021. - In 2 volumes. - Volume 2. - Ivanovo: Ivan. state. energy. un-t. P. 207-209.

56. Dobrokhleb V.G. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the older generation. In: The COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges, consequences, counteraction: [monograph] / A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov [et al.]; Edited by A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov; intro. the word of A.V. Torkunov. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 181-189.

57. Ledeneva V.Yu. Influence Of Labor Migration On Ethnosocial Structure In National Regions Of Russia. In: Russia: Trends and Development Prospects. Yearbook. Issue 16. Part 2: XII International Scientific and Practical Conference Regions of Russia: Development Strategies and Mechanisms for Implementation of Priority National Projects and Programs, conference Scientific and Technological Development of Russia: Priorities, Problems, Solutions / RAS. INION. Dept. scientific. cooperation; Resp. ed. IN AND. Gerasimov. - M., 2021. - Part 2. P. 669-671.

58. Rakhmonov A.Кh. The impact of labor migrants from Tajikistan in the economy of the city of Moscow. In: Science and education: topical issues of theory and practice: International scientific and methodological Conference on March 23, 2021 Samara-Orenburg-Nizhny Novgorod / Editorial board: A. N. Popov [et al.]. - Samara–Orenburg-Nizhny Novgorod: SamGUPS, OrIPS, Branch of SamGUPS in Nizhny Novgorod. P. 506-509.

59. Eremenko Yu.A. World Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. Wismar and Stralsund experience. In: Social urbanism: time and space. Collection of scientific papers Following the international online conference September 25-26, 2020, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. and the 85th anniversary of the Honorary Worker of the SSTU V.N. Yarskaya-Smirnova. Ed. L.A. Skvortsova. Saratov: Sarat. State tehn University, 2021. P. 103-106. 1 CD-ROM.

60. Ostrovskaya Yu.E. Gender equality at work: formation and institutionalization of practices for the elimination of gender-based violence and harassment. In: Strategy of legal transformations in the sphere of labor and social security: prospects of the Decade (Sixth Gusov Readings) : materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference / under the general editorship of N. L. Lyutova, F. O. Suleymanova. — Moscow : RG-Press, 2021. P. 49-54.

61. Rakhmonov A.Кh. Gender aspects of labor migration from Tajikistan to the United States: trends and prospects for development. In: Proceedings of the Institute of Business Communications. Collection of scientific articles. Under the general editorship of M. E. Vilchinskaya-Butenko. Saint Petersburg, 2021 Publishing House: Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (Saint-Petersburg). P. 55-59

62. Sivoplyasova S.Yu. State demographic policy of Russia in the conditions of the crisis of the institution of marriage. In: III All-Russian Demographic Forum with international participation: materials of the forum (Moscow, December 3-4, 2021) / Ed. T. K. Rostovskaya; FNISTC RAS. Moscow, FNISTC RAS, 2021. P. 85-87.

63. Ukhanova Yu.V. Civic participation of the local community: a sociological study at the municipal level // Sociological support for strategic management of the development of regions and municipalities of Russia: collection of articles / Ed. by M. K. Gorshkov; FCTAS RAS. - M.: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 83-93.

64. Demographic security of the Eurasian Economic Union. In: Pandemic challenges and the strategic agenda for society and the state: socio-political situation and demographic situation in 2021: [monograph] / V. K. Levashov [et al.] ; ed. V. K. Levashov, G. V. Osipov, S. V. Ryazantsev, T. K. Rostovskaya; FNISTC RAS. M.: SNITS RAS, 2021. P. 270-286.

65. Kuchmaeva O.V., Rostovskaya T.K., Zolotareva O.A. Demography of Russia: evaluation of the effectiveness of strategic measures at the stage up to 2020. In: Research of socio-economic development of territories in the conditions of sanctions and threats of global challenges : materials of the II All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference, editorship of G. L. Popov ; FGBOU VO TSTU. - Tambov : Publishing Center of FGBOU VO TSTU, 2021. P. 123-131.

66. Popova I.P. Distance learning in employee self-assessments. In: Intelligentsia in the new reality: collection of articles of the XXII International Theoretical and Methodological Conference, RSUH, September 30 - October 1, 2021 / Under the total. edited by J.T. Toshchenko. Editor-compiler E.A. Kolosova. RSUH, Faculty of Sociology, Center for Sociological Research. - M.: Center for Social Forecasting and Marketing. 2021. P. 148-158.

67. Petukhov R.V. Public trust in public authorities as the foundation of public participation. In: Participation of the population in state and municipal management: textbook / D.P. Sosnin, E.O. Sonina, R.V. Petukhov [et al.]; Ed. by D.P. Sosnin. - M.: Publishing house Prospect, 2021. P. 63-74.

68. Dobrokhleb V. G., Yakovets T.Y. Long-Term Strategy of Overcoming the Consequences Covid-19 Pandemics in Russia. In: Saving the population of Russia: health, employment, standard and quality of life. Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference IV Rimashev readings (Moscow, March 30, 2021) / Ed. V. V. Lokosov, V. G. Dobrokhleb, M. V. Belikova; FNISTC RAS. M. : SNITS RAS, 2021. P. 203-205.

69. Ivanova AE, Evdokushkina GN, Zemlyanova EV, Zubko AV, Sabgaida TP, Semyonova VG. Achievements and issues of the capital's healthcare. In: Pandemic's challenges and strategic agenda for the society and state: socio-political and demographic situation in 2021: [monography] / executive editors: VK Levashov, GV Osipov, SV Ryazantsev, TK Rostovskaya. M.: FNISC RAN, 2021. P. 211-231.

70. Latova N.V., Latov Y.V. Leisure practices of Russian workers as a factor of their human capital formation. In: Labor and leisure. Almanac of the Center for the Study of Economic Culture, St. Petersburg State University / Ed. D. Kadochnikova, D. Raskova. - M .; St. Petersburg: Gaidar Institute Publishing House; The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg University, 2021. P. 183-207.

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