Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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1. Levchenko N.V. Impact of people management system (for example, activity zoozaschitnikov) // Nature and society in an era of change. Series Sotsioestestvennaya story. Genesis of the crisis of nature and society in Russia. Ans. Ed. Kulpin ES-Gubaidullin (co-editor Borisova EA). Vol. XXXVIII. M .: ID-energy. 2014. С. 156-168

2. Kukonkov PI High school as the factor of socialization of students. Russia: Trends and Prospects. Yearbook. Vol. 9. Part 2 / RAS. INION. Dep. scientific. Cooperation and Intern. relationships; Ans. Ed. YS Brewers. - M., 2014. - 706 p.

3. Mukomel Vladimir. Diaspora - Partner in the Development of Tajikistan. International Organization for Migration. Dushanbe. 2014. p. 147

4. Party “Concord” Wins Again (The Results of the Parliamentary Elections in Latvia)

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