Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Sociological Science and Social Practice 

(Scociologicheskaja nauka i social'naja practika)

№ 4 (12) 2015



To the Reader p. 3-4

Ilin A. N. Consumerism as an Attribute of Neutralization of Social Relations and Political Activity p. 5-18

Mikhaleva M. N. Russia and BRIC: the Main Trends of Regeneration of Human Capital p. 19-39

Yagafarova D. G The Influence of Regional Factors on the Life Quality System of the Population of the Republic of Bashkortostan p. 40-51

Mozgovaja A. V., Shlykova E. V. Factors of Safety Status Formation under Acute and Daily Risks p. 52-73

Vittenberg E. Ya. Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia: Theoretical Issues p. 74-98

Barash R. E., Petuhov V. V., Petuhov R. V. Information and Communication Factors for Formation of New Civil Activism Practices p. 99-125

Podyachev K. V. Patriotic Upbringing of Youth as a Field of Interaction between Political Institutions and Civil Society in Russian Regions p. 126-136

Konnov V. I. Sociology of sociology in the book by S. A. Kravchenko "Sociological knowledge through the prism of the "arrow of time"" p. 137-145

Book review Zarubina N. N. "Economic sociology. Tutorial and workshop" p. 146-161