Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
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The SBT-systems and its Technosphere: A Synopsis

 The SBT-systems and its Technosphere: A Synopsis

Yanitsky Oleg. Prof., Doctor of Sciences, Chief Researcher, Institute of Sociology Russian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. Basing on his concept of a sociobiotechnosphere (the SBT-system, Yanitsky, 2016) the author draw attention of a reader to insufficiently investigated, and comprehended the role of a technosphere which developed rapidly by the impact of the Third Technological Revolution. It is stated that in the run of human history this sphere step by step has becoming more and more significant in relation to a social order and an individual behavior. Nowadays, this sphere gained the leading positions on the global arena transforming it into the sociotechnosphere which regularities and the impact on social order and man’s behavior should be carefully studied.

Keywords: biosphere, cities, environment, globalization, human history, man, networks, privacy, SBT-system, social order, sociotechnosphere, technosphere

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