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The 3rd International RLMS-HSE User Conference

We are pleased to announce the 3rd International RLMS-HSE User Conference. The conference takes place in Moscow on 19-20 May 2017, at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) with the support of Research Center “Demoscope”, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill.

Please find the conference program here
The 3rd International RLMS-HSE User Conference aims to provide a forum for the discussion of the research projects based on the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of HSE. Our colleagues from various fields of research – e.g. economics, demography, sociology, political sciences, public health, and psychology, – who use the RLMS-HSE or the Russian part of the Cross-National Equivalent Files (CNEF), will present their completed or ongoing projects.
This year we are happy to have Hartmut Lehmann, Professor of Economics at University of Bologna and the Program Director at IZA, as a keynote speaker. Professor Lehmann will present the paper “Informal Employment Wage Gap, Gender and the Great Recession: Evidence from Russia”, which he co-authored with Olivier Bargain and Anzelika Zaiceva.
We would be delighted to see colleagues at different stages of their career and of various professional backgrounds as guests at our event. To register as a guest, please, visit our website here
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