Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences


One of the sessions of the conference «Employment and Social Justice: Public Policies, Best Global, National and Regional Practices» is a joint session of the Bashkir Branch Of The Federal Centre Of Theoretical And Applied Sociology of The Russian Academy Of Sciences with the Research Committee 30 «Sociology of work» of the International Sociological Association.

The key purposes of the conference are: to discuss global and regional trends and transformational features in the world of work; to assess and compare their impact on employment and labor markets in different countries (or levels: national, local, sectoral); to search for new opportunities and mechanisms to ensure decent work for all, especially vulnerable social groups; to outline main principles of building and designing Future of work.
These issues are proposed for discussions in the following directions:
* Session 1. Non-standard employment: diversity of forms, scale of distribution, problems of institutionalization
* Session 2. Continuing education, labour markets and youth
* Session 3. Regional labor markets: differentiation, inter-regional flows and migration
* Session 4. Employment and social justice: public policy, global, national and regional best practices
* Session 5. Demography and health of the able-bodied population
The working languages: russian, english. For participation, please register at
For participation as a presenter, it is necessary to attach an article drawn up in accordance with requirements given below (annex 1). Articles relevant to the topic and technical requirements will be published in conference proceedings and will be included into the Russian science citation index system.
Deadline for registration and submitting papers – January 10, 201

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