Institute of Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2018, No 25

opic of the Issue

Sociology of Management: Problems of Reforming


Khaliy I.A. Presenting This Issue. P. 7-9

The Theme of the Issue: Sociology of management: problems of reforming

Tikhonov A.V. The problem with reforming our country’s system of government: addition to the history of developing a research program. P. 10-26

Bogdanov Vladimir Sergeevich The informatization of regional government: issues and prospects. P. 27-47 

Merzlykov Andrey Aleksandrovich The phenomenon of regional subjectness in solving the issue of reforming Russia’s system of government. P. 48-65

Nikonova Olesia Searching for a new model of regional management (following the results of an expert survey conducted in 2016-2017). P. 66-77

Social Strata and Groups: Attitudes and Activity 

Zhukotskaya Alexandra Vassilievna, Vasilyev Igor Arkadievitch College students’ motivational attitudes in the educational field. P. 78-99

Karakhanova T.M., Bolshakova O.A Everyday household activities: essential and indispensible unpaid labor performed by urban workers. P. 100-129

Political science: trends in the development of the electoral process

Ezhov Dmitriy Alexandrovitch Show-oriented elections: the technologies and social consequences. P. 130-144

Scientific Forums

Oreshkina Tatiana Anatolievna On XXI Ural sociological readings “regional social space and time: stable development issues”. P. 145-148