Institute of Sociology
of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii) 

2019, No 29

Тopic of the Issue 

Sociology of Youth: attitudes in modern reality

About This Issue. P. 8-11

Sociology of Youth: attitudes in modern reality

Pinchuk Antonina Nikolaevna, Tikhomirov Dmitry Andreevitch The image of a corrupt official as perceived by Russia’s youth: using the unfinished sentences method. P. 12-27

Gavrilyuk Tatiana Vladimirovna The construct of masculinity in the culture of modern Russia’s new working class. P. 28-44

Korenkova Marianna Maximovna The need for professional and personal mentorship in modern society. P. 45-57

Middle class: author's methods of research

Bobkov Viacheslav Nikolayevitch, Odintsova Elena Valerievna Middle classes in the social structure of Russia’s working population. P. 58-74

Political Science: strategy of political processes

Kuchinov Artemiy Mikhailovitch Policy and quasi-policy in Russia: vectors for a possible transformation. P. 75-89

Andreev Ivan Andreevitch China’s “soft power” and its projection onto the territory of post-Soviet Eurasia. P. 90-106

Sociology of Education: social aspects of school study

Orolmaa Munkhbat, Taegshaee Bouraenjargaal, Dashzaewaeg Moonkhtoor Sociology of education: multi-shift schooling in Ulaanbaatar. P. 107-124

On New Publications

Gesheva Elena Georgievna Russia’s electoral landscape: yesterday, today, tomorrow. P. 125-137

Scientific Forums

Biyzhanova Eliza Kamchybekovna Center and periphery: dialogue or unused opportunities? Notes of the participant of a seminar. P. 138-143