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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
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1. Rostovskaya, T. K. Academic mobility as the most important tool for the formation of a unified educational space for young scientists / T. K. Rostovskaya, V. I. Skorobogatova. In: Modern approaches to the legal formalization of public relations in the field of education : a collective monograph. - Moscow : Federal Center for Educational Legislation, 2021. P. 112-144.

2. Vartanova M. L. The importance of forming a value-based attitude to the heroic past of ancestors through spirituality among modern youth. In: Socio-pedagogical issues of education and upbringing : materials of the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference (Cheboksary, June 25, 2021) / editorial board: Zh. V. Murzina [et al.] Cheboksary: Publishing house Wednesday, 2021. - P. 13-15.

3. Silin A.N. Rotational method of Arctic development: priorities of legislative regulation. In: Civilizational aspects of the development of the Arctic regions of Russia: Materials of the II scientific-practical conference (December 15, 2020): a collection of articles. M .: Publishing house IMTs, 2021. P. 459-476.

4. Rakhmonov A.Kh. Contribution of labor migrants from Tajikistan to the Russian economy. In: Analysis of the state and prospects for the development of the Russian economy (ASPREK-2021). Materials of the V All-Russian Youth Scientific and Practical Conference (with international participation); Ivanovo, April 30, 2021. - In 2 volumes. - Volume 2. - Ivanovo: Ivan. state. energy. un-t. P. 207-209.

5. Dobrokhleb V.G. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the older generation. In: The COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges, consequences, counteraction: [monograph] / A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov [et al.]; Edited by A.V. Torkunov, S.V. Ryazantsev, V.K. Levashov; intro. the word of A.V. Torkunov. - M.: Aspect Press Publishing House, 2021. P. 181-189.

6. Rakhmonov A.h. The impact of labor migrants from Tajikistan in the economy of the city of Moscow. In: Science and education: topical issues of theory and practice: International scientific and methodological Conference on March 23, 2021 Samara-Orenburg-Nizhny Novgorod / Editorial board: A. N. Popov [et al.]. - SamaraOrenburg-Nizhny Novgorod: SamGUPS, OrIPS, Branch of SamGUPS in Nizhny Novgorod. P. 506-509.

7. Eremenko Yu.A. World Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development. Wismar and Stralsund experience. In: Social urbanism: time and space. Collection of scientific papers Following the international online conference September 25-26, 2020, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the SSTU named after Gagarin Yu.A. and the 85th anniversary of the Honorary Worker of the SSTU V.N. Yarskaya-Smirnova. Ed. L.A. Skvortsova. Saratov: Sarat. State tehn University, 2021. P. 103-106. 1 CD-ROM.

8. Rakhmonov A.h. Gender aspects of labor migration from Tajikistan to the United States: trends and prospects for development. In: Proceedings of the Institute of Business Communications. Collection of scientific articles. Under the general editorship of M. E. Vilchinskaya-Butenko. Saint Petersburg, 2021 Publishing House: Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (Saint-Petersburg). P. 55-59

9. Popova I.P. Distance learning in employee self-assessments. In: Intelligentsia in the new reality: collection of articles of the XXII International Theoretical and Methodological Conference, RSUH, September 30 - October 1, 2021 / Under the total. edited by J.T. Toshchenko. Editor-compiler E.A. Kolosova. RSUH, Faculty of Sociology, Center for Sociological Research. - M.: Center for Social Forecasting and Marketing. 2021. P. 148-158.

10. Latova N.V., Latov Y.V. Leisure practices of Russian workers as a factor of their human capital formation. In: Labor and leisure. Almanac of the Center for the Study of Economic Culture, St. Petersburg State University / Ed. D. Kadochnikova, D. Raskova. - M .; St. Petersburg: Gaidar Institute Publishing House; The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg University, 2021. P. 183-207.

11. Gnevasheva V.A., Ildarkhanova Ch.I. Life scenarios of rural youth. In: Self-regulation of youth life: methodology and social practices: monograph / Yu.A. Zubok, O. N. Bezrukova, Yu.R. Vishnevsky and others; scientific. ed. Yu.A. Tooth. 2021. P. 347-371.

12. Odintsova E.V. Housing insecurity of the Russian population: quantitative identification. In: Income, expenses and savings of the Russian population: trends and prospects. Materials of the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference (Moscow, December 8, 2020) / Ed. by A.V. Yarasheva; FCTAS RAS. Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2021. P. 208-212.

13. Vladimir Magun, Maksim Rudnev. Beyond the Soviet Man: Russians in the European Value Typology. In: Dismantling communism. Thirty years later / Ed. K. Rogov. M .: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie, 2021. P. 325-353.

14. Zhuravleva I.V. Changing Attitudes to Health: Trends and Factors. In: Population of Siberia and the Far East: problems of savings and development: materials of the XIII International Scientific Conference Baikal Meeting / scientific editor K. A. Bagaeva. Ulan-Ude: Buryat State University Publishing Department, 2021. P. 32-37.

15. Tsvetaeva N.N. Changes in family and gender relations through the prism of autobiographical narratives. In: Russian family and children's welfare. otv. ed. I.I. Eliseeva FCTAS RAS. - M ., SPb FCTAS RAS, SPb .: FNISTs RAN, 2021. P. 40-48.

16. Lyutenko I.V. The interest of Moscow youth in non-traditional religions, Eastern religions and esoteric teachings. In: Russia: Center and regions: collection of articles / Otv. ed. V. N. Ivanov, H. V. Dzutsev; FCTAS RAN. - M.: FNISTs RAN, 2021. Issue. 28. P. 83-88.

17. Fomin M.V. Infrastructure & connectivity of the Magadan oblast. In: Exploration of the North: From the past to the future. Conference reports on the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the Norilsk field. Krasnoyarsk. December 14-15, 2020. Ed.: V.G. Vovina-Lebedeva. Moscow, Publishing house of the Political Encyclopedia 2021. P. 167-177.

18. Vartanova M.L. On the issue of digital transformation of agriculture. In: Law, economics and management: a collection of materials of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation. The Chuvash State Institute of Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Culture for Ethnic Affairs and Archival Vartanova M.L. Affairs of the Chuvash Republic / E. V. Fomin. - Cheboksary: Publishing house Wednesday, 2021. P. 19-22.

19. Zemnukhova L. How the position of the researcher is constructed in a (not) friendly field. In: New time, a new field: a changing world of qualitative research and new technologies/O. I. Zvonareva, A. Yu. Kontarev, E. V. Popov. - St. Petersburg: Aleteia, 2021. P. 370-401.

20. Galindabaeva V.V., Karbainov N.I. Karyms and Semeyskys in Buryatia: transformations of the ethnic frontier (based on the materials of a field study in the villages of Khasurta and Unegetei). In: XIV Congress of Anthropologists and Ethnologists of Russia: collection of materials. Tomsk, July 6-9, 2021/Ed. by I.V. Nam - M.; Tomsk: Tomsk State University Publishing House, 2021. P. 795.

21. Lenkov R.V., Patsula A.V. Classical and modern models of the prohibition of social sciences and humanities (from Antiquity to the USSR and the PRC). In: Russia-China: on the way to the digital future of society : monograph / Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, State University of Management, Institute of Personnel Management, Social and Business Communications, Department of Philosophy; scientific. ed.: prof. M.Yu. Zakharov, I.E. Starovoitov. Moscow: GUU, 2021. P. 61-78.

22. Makeeva S.B. China: regional agrarian problems in the focus of research activities of national think tanks. In: Agrarian problems and new models of economic development in the countries of the East: Collective monograph. / Resp. ed. and comp. I.V. Deryugin; Institute of Oriental Studies RAS. - M .: IVRAN, 2021. P. 264-274.

23. Burmykina O.N. Intergenerational relationships in changing social and family contexts. In: Russian family and children's welfare: [monograph] / otv. ed. I.I. Eliseeva; FNISTS RAS. - M .; SPb .: FNISTs RAN, 2021. P. 129-155.

24. Dzutsev Kh.V., Dibirova A.P., Kornienko N.V. Public opinion on the participation of politicians and informal leaders in religious life. In: Russia: the Centre and regions : collection of articles / Ed. by V.N. Ivanov, Kh.V. Dzutsev ; FCTAS RAS. Moscow: FCTAS RAS, 2021. Vol. 28. P. 89-104.

25. Orlova N.K. Cartoons as a Reflection of Dominate Cultural Attitudes: The Case of Video Games Representation in Russian and Foreign Animated Films and TV Shows. In: Sampiev I.M. (ed.) (2021) Humanitarian and Socio-political Problems of the Caucasus Modernization. Iss. 9. Nazran: KEP: 297-306.

26. Nikovskaya L.I. Municipal public policy in the context of the emerging network society: a conflictological aspect (based on the results of sociological research in the regions of the Russian Federation). In: Managing regional conflicts in the context of the digitalization of modern society: methodology and implementation practices / ed. by N. A. Shibanova. - Kazan: Kazan University Publishing House, 2021. P. 340-349.

27. Semenov E.V. Science for Russia: the contours of a mature scientific and technological policy. In: Russia: Trends and development prospects. Yearbook. Iss. 16: Materials of the XX National Scientific Congress with International Participation Modernization of Russia: priorities, problems, solutions. Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Ed. by V.I. Gerasimov. Moscow. 2021, P I. P. 882-886.

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