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Family and demographic processes in modern Russia: Monograph

Family and demographic processes in modern Russia: Monograph / T.K. Rostovskaya, V.N. Arkhangelsky, A.E. Ivanova, O.V. Kuchmaeva, V.G. Semenova; edited by T.K. Rostovskaya; FCTAS RAS. - M.: Publishing house Ekon-Inform, 2021. - 257 p.
ISBN 978-5-907427-21-1
DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-907427-21-1.2021

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The actualization of the problems of family and demographic policy is due to the peculiarities of the demographic situation in Russia, the need to substantiate the further strategy of state assistance to the family in the implementation of its main functions. The monograph consistently examines the issues of transformation of the institution of the family and models of family and demographic policy in the context of changes in marital, reproductive and self-preservation behavior. This allows the authors to formulate the directions of effective family and demographic policy. The proposals were substantiated by large-scale empirical data, including author's sociological studies of the peculiarities of the life of the Russian family in relation to the trends of marriage, fertility, reproductive and self-preservation behavior. The book will be useful to the academic community, government bodies interested in developing family and demographic policy measures, and the field of vocational education.



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