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Comparative Study of Social Equality and Justice in China and Russia:

Comparative Study of Social Equality and Justice in China and Russia: / /[M.K. Gorshkov et al.]; Ed by M. K. Gorshkov, P. M. Kozyreva, Li Peilin, M.F. Chernish ; FCTAS RAS. – Moscow: Novyy Chronograph, 2021. – 592 p.
ISBN 978-5-94881-514-5
DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-94881-514-5.2021

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СЕРИЯ: Межстрановые исследования

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The book brings the results of Russian-Chinese study prepared with funding of Rus- sian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR). The peculiarity of the study is that the problems of equality and justice are analyzed in the context of the spheres of social life that are most sensitive to this issue: incomes, labor market and employment, con- sumption, education, public consciousness, etc. The basis of analysis is statistics and data of two mass surveys carried out by Russian and Chinese research teams in 2019 with common indicators (RLMS-HSE and China Social Survey (CSS)).

The book targets professional sociologists and researchers in comparative in- ternational studies. It might make useful reading for government offi cials, lecturers and students, or anyone who might be attracted to the problems of social equity and justice.



Горшков М.К., Козырева П.М., Ли Пэйлинь, Черныш М.Ф., , Мастикова Н.С., Гун Шунь, Епихина Ю.Б., Жу Ди, Жэнь Ифэй, Ли Вэй, Ли Чуньлин, Лу Пэн, Мареева С.В., Мэй Сяо, Низамова А.Э., Попова И.П., Смирнов А.И., Сушко П.Е., Тян Фэн, Хэ Ицзинь, Цуй Янь, Чэнь Гуанцзинь
Редакторы: Горшков М.К., Козырева П.М., Ли Пэйлинь, Черныш М.Ф.

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