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of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Victoria Galyapina, Zarina Lepshokova, Irina Molodikova

Victoria Galyapina, Zarina Lepshokova, Irina Molodikova. Intercultural relations in Dagestan: the role of perceived security, intercultural contacts, and mutual acculturation. Central Asia and the Caucasus. 2021. Vol. 22. No. 1. Pp. 83-102.
DOI 10.37178/ca-c.21.1.07

Posted on site: 10.01.22

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The intercultural relations in Dagestan: the role of security, intercultural contacts and acculturation Abstract. The implication of three hypotheses of intercultural relations (multiculturalism, contact and integration hypothes) for the case of multicultural Dagestan is presented in the article. Based on J. Berry's theory of acculturation, we investigated the influence of perceived safety, attitudes toward multicultural ideology, tolerance, mutual attitudes on integration, intercultural contacts on the psychological well-being of the inhabitants of Dagestan. The sample includes Avars, Dargins, Russians, and representatives of other ethnic groups: Kumyks, Lezghins, Laks, Tabasarans, Nogais, etc. (total number of respondents N = 438). The data were analyzed both in the general sample and in the sample of different ethnic groups. The studies used scales from the MIRIPS questionnaire. We used structural equation modeling. The results showed that perceived security contributed to the support of attitudes towards multicultural ideology, tolerance and mutual integration in general sample. The hypothesis of contact was not confirmed by the general sample: the intensity of friendly intercultural contacts did  not influence significantly   the tolerance and mutual integration in Dagestan. However, the preference for attitudes towards mutual integration contributed to life satisfaction and self-esteem of the residents of Dagestan. These results confirmed the integration hypothesis.


Галяпина В.Н., Левшокова З.,