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The Middle Income Group in China and Russia. Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path.

The Middle Income Group in China and Russia. Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path. / Eds. by P. Li, M.K. Gorshkov. Singapore: Springer, 2021. - 373 p.
ISBN 978-981-16-1463-7
DOI 10.1007/978-981-16-1464-4

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СЕРИЯ: Межстрановые исследования



This book includes a series of papers that mainly discuss the proposition of “double middle-income traps.” It analyzes various perspectives of middle-income groups of Russia and China including employment, education, consumption, mobility, social insurance, social values and identity, social and political participation. This book further indicates that the expansion of middle-income groups plays an important role in promoting mass consumption, maintaining continuous and stable economic growth, and overcoming the double middle-income traps. The middle class and middle-income group generally owns higher economic capital and cultural capital and is proved to be the main strength in expanding consumption by many empirical studies. However, the middle class and middle-income group has currently encountered hindrance to upward mobility, life quality, social security and class identity, which prevent the expansion of the middle-income group and improvement of social structure.  Through comparing the middle-income groups of these two countries, this book gives us a panoramic view of their social and economic condition. Successfully combining theory and concrete practical guidelines, the book offers a valuable resource for all those active in this dynamic field. The book is important for students, scholars, researchers and professionals in economic and social science fields.


Аникин В.А., Каравай А.В., Козырева П.М., Латов Ю.В., Латова Н.В., Лежнина Ю.П., Мареева С.В., Петухов В.В., Седова Н.Н., Смирнов А.И., Тихонова Н.Е., Cui Yan, Fan Lei, Fan Xiaoguang, Huang Yongliang, Li Chunling, Li Wei, Lu Peng, Yao Yelin, Zhang Haidong, Zhang Yi, Zhu Di
Редакторы: Li Peilin, Горшков М.К.

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