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Demographic development of Russia in the context of national security. monograph

Demographic development of Russia in the context of national security. monograph / ed. by T. K. Rostovskaya. – Moscow : Prospekt, 2022. – 264 p.
ISBN 978-5-392-36915-7
DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-392-36915-7.2022

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The monograph presents the results of sociological research conducted within the framework of the project of the Russian Scientific Foundation No. 20-18-00256 Demographic behavior of the population in the context of national security of Russia. Demographic behavior is one of the key factors of reproduction of the Russian population, which determines the relevance of its research from the perspective of national security of the country. In the context of the concept of hindrances to the realization of desired births, aspects of the standard of living of families are relevant, for which there is a compromise in the form of small children. The potential of having many children as the main resource for achieving a simple reproduction regime is available, but in the current situation it is increasingly being realized under favorable conditions. Demographic policy of the last 15 years has a positive effect on the realization of the desired births, however, taking into account structural factors, the consequences of the pandemic With VID-19, it is necessary to search for mechanisms for the formation of demographic attitudes and new support measures


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