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Typological analysis in sociology as a diagnostic procedure: [monograph]

Typological analysis in sociology as a diagnostic procedure: [monograph] / G. G. Tatarova, N. S. Babich [and others]; eds. G. G. Tatarova, A. V. Kuchenkova; FCTAS RAS. – M. : FCTAS RAS, 2023. – 358 p.
ISBN 978-5-89697-408-6
DOI 10.19181/monogr.978-5-89697-408-6.2023

Posted on site: 30.03.23

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The monograph examines the evolution of ideas about the typological method in sociology, the place of typological analysis as a metamethod in the structure of sociological methodology, the direction of development of this area of ​​research, methodological errors that arise in research practices. A technology of typological analysis is proposed for diagnosing the work situation at industrial enterprises. The heuristic potential of logical-combinatorial methods in typological analysis is analyzed, methodological solutions are proposed for their use in practice. The monograph is addressed to researchers whose interest in the field of theoretical and methodological reflection in empirical sociology is increased.


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