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Sorokin P.A. Sociology of the revolution

Sorokin P.A. Sociology of the revolution / P.A. Sorokin; Compilation, preparation of the text, introductory article and comments by V.V. Sapova. — M.: Academic Project, 2023. — Pp. 615. — (Theory of society).
ISBN 978-5-8291-3969-8
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The Sociology of the Revolution was written in Russian when P.A. Sorokin was in Czechoslovakia. After moving to America, he translated it into English and published in 1925 a typewriter of a book in Russian lay in the archives (first in Prague, then in Kiev) for more than 80 years before she became accessible to the Russian reader. The enduring significance of the book lies in the fact that it inflicted the first serious blow to the Idole of the Revolution, which European humanity worshiped throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.



Сорокин П.А., Сапов В.В.

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