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Shakhov O.F. Issues of interaction between the State and business under modern economic sanctions. Bulletin MIRBIS. 2022. No. 2 (30). Pp. 52-58.

Shakhov O.F. Issues of interaction between the State and business under modern economic sanctions. Bulletin MIRBIS. 2022. No. 2 (30). Pp. 52-58.
ISSN 2411-5703
DOI 10.25634/MIRBIS.2022.2.5

Posted on site: 10.10.23



Since 2014, the Russian Federation has been under constant pressure, which is expressed in the adoption of various sanctions from leading Western countries. Over the past eight years, the number of various restrictions has only increased. Especially many sanctions were imposed due to the start of a special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Open hostilities led to the fact that a large number of states introduced sanctions unprecedented in their scope and diversity with the aim of significantly worsening the economic situation of the state and influencing Russia’s foreign policy. However, the presence of these sanctions does not lead to the desired result, the economic situation in Russia is quite stable, moreover, the United States, the European Union, Japan, and other countries suffer losses from these sanctions, since many of them depend on the supply of any resources from the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is quite difficult to predict the further development of the situation, but the fact is that the Russian economy is facing difficult times and the state must take care of the interests of business, which is under great threat due to the current situation. Currently, there is an urgent need for interaction between the state and business, thanks to which it will be possible to reduce the negative consequences of the imposed sanctions. The seriousness of the threat to enterprises is confirmed by changes in logistics, an increase in loan rates, while in the future the purchasing power of the population will fall and demand will decline. All this speaks to the difficulties that will arise for enterprises in various industries and, regardless of their size, medium and small businesses may suffer in particular. Therefore, the state has taken a number of emergency measures aimed at helping business representatives. At the same time, one of the opportunities of modern enterprises is the implementation of various directions that are especially beneficial to the state. The government has developed a large number of participation programs that will benefit businesses. In general, it is in the effective interaction of the state with business that the opportunity to effectively overcome sanctions is seen. The state should help enterprises conduct their activities in difficult economic conditions, and businesses should take care of the implementation of the areas chosen by the state as key ones. It is this interaction that will provide the opportunity to overcome the current difficult situation.