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Continuing education in the modern context: monograph

Continuing education in the modern context: monograph / M.K. Gorshkov, G.A. Kliucharev. – 2nd ed., revised. and additional – M.: Yurayt Publishing House, 2023. – 200 p.
ISBN 978-5-534-08241-8
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The monograph examines the role and prospects of private (primarily corporate) education and examines the positive modernization experience of public universities. The analysis is carried out in a sociological aspect (needs for educated personnel, demand and accessibility of education, management efficiency, regional characteristics). The authors have proposed a number of promising ways for the development of the modern education system, thanks to which education will become an effective means of production and accumulation of social and human capital. Researchers believe that an important direction for an innovative breakthrough in education is to involve the adult population in educational and educational programs, as well as to expand the range of specialties and educational programs for both young people and adults.0

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