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Sorokin P. A. Sociological theories of today

Sorokin P. A. Sociological theories of today / ompilation, preparation of the text, introductory article and comments by V.V. Sapova. - Syktyvkar: ANBUR, 2023. - 720 p. (Pitimim Sorokin. Collected Works)
ISBN 978-5-91669-378-2

Posted on site: 07.12.23


The real volume of the works of Pitirim Sorokin includes his last book Sociological Theories of Today (1965). This book, being a addition to its Contemporary sociological theories, covers the period of development of sociology from 1925 to 1965, the author, as if saying goodbye to readers, thanks all his readers and colleagues for attention to his works, builds a forecast for the future development of sociology. This publication is the first full translation of this classical work into Russian, it is equipped with comments and an annotated index of names and cited literature. In the application, transfers of some reviews on this work are printed.


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