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New Meanings in Educational Strategies of Youth: 50 years of research [monograph]

New Meanings in Educational Strategies of Youth: 50 years of research [monograph] / D. Konstantinovskiy, M. Abramova, G. Cherednichenko, G. Goncharova, V. Kostyuk, E. Popova, E. Voznesenskaya. — M. : Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2015. — 232 pp.
ISBN 978-5-906001-05-4

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The monograph represents main results of the research of educational strategies of youth. The research is a contemporary part of unique sociological longitudinal project that was begun by Prof. V.N. Shubkin almost 50 years ago. Both the last results and those obtained and accumulated in previous years of the project are described. The most significant characteristics of the changes that have occurred in self-determination of young people in connection with changes in the economic, social, demographic situation in our country during these years are studied. Specifics of the socio-cultural development of the Novosibirsk region are considered. The aspirations of young people and their real steps while choosing future life trajectory, the dynamics of social differentiation in education for different generations of young men and women are examined. The main factors that form youth notion on radically changing world of professions and the features of motivation that gives start for future youth activities are analyzed. Special attention is given to new meanings that modern youth contribute in their educational strategies and vocational choices.

The research was supported by the Russian Foundation for Humanities, project “New meanings in educational strategies of youth», № 13-03-00028.


Константиновский Д.Л., Абрамова М.А., Вознесенская Е.Д., Гончарова Г.С., Костюк В.Г., Попова Е.С., Чередниченко Г.А.
Редактор: Константиновский Д.Л.

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