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The conservative trend in contemporary Russian society - origins, content and prospects

The conservative trend in contemporary Russian society - origins, content and prospects.
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Posted on site: 19.06.15

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The article contains the analysis of the Genesis, content and perspective observed in modern Russia the trend in increased conservatism - as in mass consciousness, and information and political space. This trend creates the illusion of Association of the company and the power of a single political nation, which was not possible in post-Soviet Russia for more than 20 years. However, this illusory reality facing new threats and challenges - the value of secession and civil war. This trend is broke observed in the 2000-ies tend to be aligned with the value of the field around the synthesis of conservative and liberal values and is associated with the synthesis of the request for a new Russian middle class. It is shown that in the mass consciousness occurred resuscitation archetypal mass consciousness, manifested in the values of strengthening the powers of antiseptically, Russian world. The mood of society in General has become more radical than the official policy of the government. Public mainstream sharply opposed by a group of liberal Westerners, focused on the European type of development, democracy and the free market. At the same time, these values are largely imposed by political circumstances, played a conservative majority as Grand, but life carriers of these values are not always ready to follow them.

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