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Adamyants T.Z. Adequate perception

Adamyants T.Z. Adequate perception // Sociology of management: theoretical and applied dictionary / Ed. A.V. Tikhonov: KRASAND, 2015, p. 14-15.

Глава из книги: Социология управления: Теоретико-прикладной толковый словарь / Отв. ред. А.В. Тихонов. - М.: КРАСАНД, 2015. - 480 с.
ISBN 978-5-396-00644-7

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Dictionary entry reveals the essence of the term adequate  which is used in the semiosociopsihology of the concept of social communication. Describes such method of orientation (person, group) in communication processes, when there is a semantic contact, or understanding of the author's intentions.