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Social Justice in the Modern World. –

Social Justice in the Modern World. – / Eds. L.I. Nikovskaya, V.N. Schevchenko, V.N. Yakimets. – Moscow, Publisher «Kluch-C», 2017. – 446 p.
ISBN 978-5-906751-91-1

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This collective monograph consists of the reflections of the participants of the V all-Russian scientific-practical Symposium with international participation «Justice as a value, idea, and social practice in the modern world and Russia», held 3-4 December 2014 in the Moscow region. The authors of this book are focused on issues of implementation of principles of social justice in various spheres of public life: politics, economics, social consciousness and practice. Main Interest is the discussion of the dominant trends in interpreting the place and role, which gain value and idea of fairness during major social transformations and changes of the world. The book is intended for anyone interested in the problems of socio-political transformations of modern societies, the public discourse on issues of justice in the country and the world, the regulatory role of the fairness principle in the distribution of public goods and social capital, prospects for the development of the model of the welfare state and social inequality.



Айвазова С.Г., Вебер А.Б., Красин Ю.А., Курюкин А.Н., Люблинский В.В., Никовская Л.И., Щенина О.Г., и др.
Редакторы: Никовская Л.И., Шевченко В.Н., Якимец В.Н.

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