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Basic educational program of pre-school education Tropinki

Basic educational program of pre-school education Tropinki / ed. by V.T. Kudryavtsev. - M.: Ventana-Graf, 2016. - 592 p.
ISBN 978-5-360-06278-3

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The Tropinki program is the basic educational program of preschool education that determines the content and organization of educational activitу for children from 3 to 7 years old, which provides the development of the personality of preschool children in various types of communication and activity. The proposed program is a modern program of developing preschool education and is aimed at creating conditions for the general mental development of children of 3-7 years years old with developing of creative imagination as a universal ability. The mastering of the human culture is considered by the program developers as a creative process. During the creative introduction of the child to the beginnings of human culture - cognitive, artistic-aesthetic, communicative, physical - the most important creative abilities: productive imagination, comprehending thinking, orientation to the position of another person, arbitrariness, elements of reflection, etc are laids, develops and manifests in him or her. The program is developed in accordance with the federal state educational standard of preschool education (2014) and an approximate basic educational program of preschool education


Бакланова Т.И., Глебова А.О., Гришаева Н.П., Журова Л.Е., Карпова Ю.В., Кожевникова В.В., Кудрявцев В.Т., Лабутина Н.В., Лыкова И.А., Милаева М.С., Новикова Г.П., Павленко Т.А., Полковникова Н.Б., Салмина Н.Г., Сечкина О.К., Султанова М.Н., Ушакова О.С.

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