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Mobility and Stability in the Russian Labour Market

Mobility and Stability in the Russian Labour Market / Eds. V. Gimpelson and R. Kapeliushnikov; National Research University Higher School of Economics. – Moscow: HSE Publishing House, 2017. – 529, [7] p. – 500 copies. – ISBN 978-5-7598-1532-7 (hardcover). – ISBN 978-5-7598-1622-5 (e-book).
ISBN 978-5-7598-1532-7

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The book contributes to the series of the monographs prepared by the Centre for Labour Market Studies of the NRU HSE (Non-Standard Employment, 2005; Wages in Russia: Evolution and Differentiation, 2007; Russian Worker: Education, Occupation and Skills, 2011; In Shadow of Regulation: Informality in the Russian Labour Market, 2014). This monograph provides a complex picture of labour mobility on the Russian labour market in the period of 2000–2014. It discusses such issues like job creation and destruction, labour turnover and reallocation, employment restructuring and its impact on labour productivity and job quality, external labour mobility and promotions within firms, mobility of managers in industrial firms, and migration, among other issues. The analysis is based on large sets of microdata and applies a wide range of modern econometric techniques. It shows how mobile the Russian labour market is, what are peculiarities and implications of this mobility. The book can be useful for economists and sociologists, experts on industrial relations and social policy. It can be used as an additional reading in university courses on labour economics and industrial relations.


Вишневская Н.Т., Воскобойников И.Б., Гимпельсон В.Е., Денисенко М.Б., Жихарева О.Б., Зудина А.А., Капелюшников Р.И., Лукьянова А.Л., Ощепков А.Ю., Чернина Е.М., Шарунина А.В.
Редакторы: Гимпельсон В.Е., Капелюшников Р.И.

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